Killzone 3 Pre-order Deals: Amazon Pre-order Bonus Details

"The anticipation for Killzone 3 is heating up as the release date approaches...

Pre-order Killzone 3 (PS3) over at Amazon for $57.99 (Save $2) and get the following pre-order bonus:"

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Schism202823d ago

The maps are a nice bonus, but I want some credit dammit lol.

schlanz2823d ago

Just wait it out. LBP had some DLC bonus long before release for pre-orders. Then on release day, once that offer was null and void, bam, $20 credit. Mass Effect 3 also didn't have the $20 credit until right around release or on release day. Of course that means you won't be playing day one.

ddurand12823d ago

yeah i was hoping to get another 20$ credit with this game so I could take a risk and not spend alot of money on brink or socom 4.

When i saw they werent offering it I went to gamestop to preorder. I wanna get into the socom 4 beta so at least I have some kind of control over grabbing my copy when im in person.

They were talking about a midnight release too that night, they are expecting big bulletstorm sales apparently.

beavis4play2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

i'm with you guys on wanting credit. but i preordered from amazon and here's why - store price will be 59.99 and they'll charge you tax for a total of over $63. this way - even with the .99 cents to get it there on release day, you save around $5. that's ok with me.

sickbird2823d ago

yea ill be pre ordering from amazon as well, the release date delivery just sealed the deal. Amazon also has the best bonus. I dont want all the weapons unlocked right away (gamestop) that takes all the fun out of unlocking new things.

ddurand12823d ago

theyre only unlocked for 24 hours i think it said. which is nice beacuse you can shape youre character around what you enjoy using.

that 5$ isnt worth saving for me. I got 25% extra trade in credit at gamestop also, which more than made up for that 5$.

either way, well all enjoy this game im sure. im excuted for the beta to come out next week

spunnups2823d ago

LBP2 earned $20 credit, how about KZ3?! I'd like to be able to use it on Motorstorm Apoc in March, and then hopefully MS Apoc will also earn me credit I can use for Socom 4 in April.

FrankMcSpank2823d ago

I got 2 maps, $10 in credit, and the SOCOM4 Beta.

LBP2 came w/ $20 and the Ratchet & Clank, and 2nd Animal Costume Packs.
Mass Effect 2 only came with $20

But I am basically getting another game, probaly Moto:Apoc

Esena2823d ago

I believe the Best Buy deal is the best. I think it's a 24 hour period of double XP or something. Plus the 3 Bonus Maps.

TooTall192823d ago

Only 2 bonus classic maps.

Esena2823d ago


Thanks for the clear up. But the 24 hour double XP from Best Buy is right... right?

TooTall192823d ago

Yeah double xp for Best Buy, and with the Helghast edition you get all of the 24-hour preorder bonuses and the classic map pack.

Bell Boy2823d ago

I pre ordered at Best Buy and as a rewards member will get 500 points which converts to a $10 voucher so I was mighty happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.