Death By Robots - Feature: Top 10 Video Game Bums

Ryan Syrett for DBR writes: It’s one of the many eternal questions of life: what is the meaning of existence? What exactly is a Jedward? Crunchy or smooth peanut butter? And perhaps the grandest and noblest question of them all; boobs or bum?

Personally I’m a butt man, so I’ve taken it upon myself to hunt out my favorite top 10 bums in computer games history and show them to you in a randomly chosen format. Frankly it would be rude to number these posteriors!

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Warprincess1162819d ago

Articles like this are disgusting and immature. Why would you even be looking at a butt of a animated character. It weird.

Wenis2819d ago

I think your avatar it weird.

MintBerryCrunch2818d ago

im liking the grammar

well done good sire

captain-obvious2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

simple math
ass = hits

wink wink

HolyOrangeCows2818d ago

Picture of exposed female = 1000+ Degrees

Scoundrel2818d ago

I'm sure "Irony" is your middle name. It's okay for women to be sexist, judging by your avatar, but not men. Not a lot of balance in your argument I'm afraid.

thereapersson2818d ago

Women usually tend to have one-sided arguments. It's why they get married; so they can have the power to do so, freely.

StbI9902818d ago (Edited 2818d ago ) to win the internet, and if you are not a girl, gay gamers opinion dismissed, lol.

Kon2818d ago

You're a girl, why are you here?

Nate-Dog2818d ago

Pssht women don't exist on the internets!

starcb262818d ago

I would be to differ, just go on Home and there's nothing but girls!

DarkBlood2818d ago

why do u have a half naked avatar of jacob taylor then huh its digusting and immature as well

Ambient_Chicken2818d ago

Who the hell let you out of the kitchen?

My sandwich won't make itself you know.

xgodofwar4sss2818d ago

dont judge unless you want to be judge

Modestmex2818d ago

she just jealous her ass dont look like that.

nskrishna22818d ago

Eh show some respect to the ladies, people. No one deserves to be trash talked

brandonk1292818d ago


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TLG19912819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

says the person with a topless guy for there picture 0_o

but i agree it is childish, these people need to go on a night out once in a while!

Spangles2819d ago

I think its just a bit of light hearted fun. Computer games devs put bums in games for a reason.

7bitarcade2818d ago

I think this is great comment on society that people are actually complaining about this. It's just harmless fun.

Scoundrel2818d ago

Blimey, the people that need to get out more are the idiots that do not see the funny side of this article. FFS this world is wrapping itself in a little too much cotton wool. Live a little... Laugh a little... fcuk political correctness :)

7bitarcade2818d ago

This will probably make front page of the Daily Mail tomorrow as to why games are the direct cause of perverts.

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The story is too old to be commented.