Yet Another Gaming Show Episode 232 – Twitterspit

It has been said that various members of the Yet Another Gaming Show do not “have good read”. But much like the fabled African bushman who inadvertently creates iOS 5.0, they do occasionally craft something memorable using the language they barely understand and, as the record shows, truly despise.

A slightly pared down show this week, as Courtney and his stunt double Jeff are both off watching grown men play with their balls. Nevertheless, Ashley, Mike and Evan take a look at the triumphs and setbacks of the disabled gamer, answer a listener question about demos, take Nintendo to task for their attitude toward achievements. We also discuss Breach (and why Evan is so bad at it) and announce a contest to win a copy of Alan Wake!

Maybe Courtney and Jeff (known collectively as a CoJe, like OJ) should be gone more often….

Yet Another Gaming Show is now available on Stitcher, the free podcast radio app for your better smart phones. Stitcher: Disabled listener friendly from whenever it is that they started.

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