Final Fantasy XIII-2 Questions answered

Motomu Toriyama Answers a few questions on The upcoming sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2. Seems like it will Be better but this is only the beginning.

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rezzah2821d ago

Itd be cool if they make the gameplay like KH, just like VS 13. Its much more appealing as it makes you feel like youre in the battle. Also it adds a bit of realism to it since youre not just standing and waiting for your turn to attack.

Eamon2821d ago

lol wtf?

Turn-based/ATB gameplay has got nothing to do with realism.

It's called having a gameplay based on strategy.

rezzah2821d ago

Alright so what do battles look like in real life?

Do people stand next to each other and wait to attack?


Do people run around on the battle field attacking on their own free will with nothing holding them back (with the exception of orders from the higher ups)?

rezzah2821d ago

Lol at my disagrees for the above comment. Didn't know you guys were from the past so your excused.

What time are you from? like the 1800s?

Since your new to everything we got these things called computers, you know thats the thing you used to read my comment and disagree due to a lack of knowledge of how today's battles are fought. =)

Incognegro2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

@ rezzah

No... dude... just stop while you can. Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts will never have a sense of realism despite how they are played. The words you're looking for are "being played in real time". Any time someone is able to summon a monster or shoot lightning out of their finger tips has lost any sense of realism. That's why you're getting disagrees. It's called Final "Fantasy" for a reason. Not Final Reality.

hay2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

@rezzah: The disagree's are there 'cause of several reasons.
1. There are people that prefer turn based/ATB/strategic combat, it makes them think and thinking isn't that terrible if you actually try.
2. You've picked probably the nerdiest and lamest way to explain how people fight in real life and use it as your argument about realistic combat system.
3. You want realistic combat from strategic kind of genre.
There's a tetris-like game with physics which is more realistic, but most of us still prefer good old Tetris.
4. You care about disagrees awfully lot.

Lesson to take: Because you have an opinion on your own is great, but it doesn't always mean you're right.

Are you the guy who wrote this article?

rezzah2821d ago

@ hay

Nope never wrote an article for games. Thx for your input.

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RedDead2821d ago

KH and versus realism is destroyed by HP bars and antigravity jumping. They still ain't realistic(not that I care) but i would prefare if versus just stays as the only real time one. ATB isn't crap, just FFXIII was very simplified I thought and I hated the Auto battle. Also FFXIII is quite fast pace's compared to just standing there waiting for your turn.

In saying this, I hated FFXIII so I dunno. Still though, I don't want another Versus Xiii, I want a differant game, which is why I like Versus so much, because no other FF is like it, it's a mixture of quite a few Square games, so if S-E can just refine FFXiii ATB and not lock it up for over half the game again, it might be alright.

rezzah2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Yea I understand what you mean but I think of it as at least a small step closer, Its obvious they're going to have bars on the screen. As for the anti-gravity jumping, in the world of FF that isnt something new. So in the world of FF it is realism.

I just personally like the free control because it like you are actually in the battle.

FrankMcSpank2821d ago

FFXIII had a terrible set up for it's battle system. The Time Command Bars were cool, but the NPCs didn't feel very helpful and the 'main character dying ends the game' was stupid. The leveling was so simplified it was boring. I never felt like I was growing as a normal RPG does, I felt like I was playing through a corridor action game until I got to the next cutscene. I never fet like I could focus on leveling up aspects of who I was. It was so linear, it made the original Mario Bros look like Fallout 3.

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Redempteur2821d ago

isn't this article a copycat of what was posted yesterday ?

same words ..sames pictures , no new info ?

Tikicobra2821d ago

Turn-based battles are pretty dumb if you think too hard about them, but I don't really care because when it comes to gameplay they're a ton of fun. There's certainly more strategy involved.

I never got around to playing XIII. I might have to rent it or pick it up when it's cheap, and if this game is good then I'll have to give it a spin. I've been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts lately and I could go for another FF game if they're not going to make KH3.

Razgriz2821d ago

"Toriyama stresses Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a new style of RPG he can’t wait to show people. This game has a number of changes including a revised travel system. Every nook and cranny is packed with people, which gives the feeling of a living world."

Good, I like this idea.

RedDead2821d ago

May still be linear, that's fine though, Linear wasn't a problem, the problem was the lack of life in FFXIII, you had absolutely nothing to do but walk and fight. FFX for example(as another linear FF) had alot of people, temples and Blitzball. Which gave you a break from battles and made it feel more like an RPG.

kratos1232821d ago

the problem fore my was the boring battle system damn the game was playing itself and it took too long to kill just normal enemys. soo please SE change the battle system or else im not coming near this game

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