Video: Viva Piñata TV Preview

We knew from the very begining that Viva Piñata was going to be a "triple threat". Videogame , Television show , and toy haven. Well we've seen screens & videos of the game being demo'ed ; Now thanks to, John Porcaro here's a video preview of the upcoming TV show Viva Piñata!

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Jay da 2KBalla4536d ago

Very good. This will be a definite killer app. I guarantee it sells at least 2 million.

original seed4535d ago

Im sure they'll reach 2 million. I want to collect some of these toys! Kinda funny, im 25 and im buying Pinata toys. HA HA

Monchichi0254535d ago

POKEMON!!!! This game is setting up to be this new Generations Pokemon. Imagine how many 360's are gonna fly off the shelf with both adults and kids wanting to "Jump In!"