Kazuma Has More Problems Than Zombies In Yakuza: Of The End

Siliconera: Sega created all kinds of zombies for players to shoot in Yakuza: Of the End. A log keeps track of the different kinds – everyday people, homeless zombies, waitress zombies, policemen, and former convenience store workers staggering out of a late night Family Mart shift.

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jetlian2819d ago

playing 3 past few days. hope we get this and kenzan next year. 4 will be here in 6 weeks too. keep it up sega

Deathstroke2819d ago

This is probably the only Yakuza game I would buy. I tried playing 1 and never finished as I just couldn't get into it but then I played the 3rd one and it seemed ok. I still plan on playing the 4th but those are all rentals.

The good thing is that with the zombies and such this is something that a lot of people in the West would buy even if it's their first Yakuza game. It seems like this would sell better than the previous games.

The bad thing is that it's a spin-off as the other spin-offs have never been localized.

Redempteur2819d ago

FIrst was just badly localised ...yakuza games are all about the setting and the fun you get by exploring what you can do ..

Rob9462819d ago

I can see yakuza 4 selling well in the west and we will get this then.This game wud sell well with the west and even if we dont get this il be importing it