Microsoft: We're Almost There

Microsoft, already outpacing Sony's PlayStation 3, hopes it can declare victory over its archrival after this holiday season. "We have a great opportunity to push them to the brink in terms of finishing behind us in this generation," Kim said as he spoke of Halo's influence in the industry.

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Meus Renaissance4964d ago (Edited 4964d ago )

It's interesting to note that alot of PlayStation supporters and owners are resigned to the fact that Microsoft will rule 2007 if Sony fail to drop the price of their console soon. What this will actually mean in 2008 and beyond is that it puts unprecedented pressure on Sony to try and basically dominate the market just to catch up with Microsoft and possibly Nintendo. That is the very minimal. There will be no fanboy wars beyond 2008, even if the PlayStation 3 eventually sells more due to its lifespan, by then Microsoft will be ready to launch its new console (by 2010/11). If they fail to improve next year then Microsoft have pretty much won this console war due to the arrogance of Sony.

The Xbox 360 can't go wrong with this lineup. I know alot of these are multiplatform but which is the consumer most likely going to purchase? The expensive PS3 or the cheap Xbox 360?

September 25 = Halo 3
October 2 = Project Gotham Racing 4
October 9 = Half-life 2: The Orange Box
October 15 = Beautiful Katamari
October 29 = Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
October 30 = Virtua Fighter 5
November 5 = Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
November 6 = LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
November 13 = Assassin's Creed
November 20 = Mass Effect
November 20 = Rock Band

VaeVictus4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

September 25 = Halo 3 --Yes
October 2 = Project Gotham Racing 4 --Meh
October 9 = Half-life 2: The Orange Box --Multiplat
October 15 = Beautiful Katamari --Meh
October 29 = Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock --Multiplat
October 30 = Virtua Fighter 5 --Multiplat
November 5 = Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare --Multiplat
November 6 = LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga --Multiplat
November 13 = Assassin's Creed --Multiplat
November 20 = Mass Effect --Yes
November 20 = Rock Band --Multiplat

Basically, you have two big titles that are exclusives. Sorry, decent argument not presented.

You could buy a cheap 360 that breaks all the time or a PS3 that costs $100 more that doesn't.

I own both, but would choose the PS3 over the 360 based on my experience with having 2 360's die on me in 3 months.

Meus Renaissance4963d ago

What is the consumer most likely to $350 or $500-$600 for Assassins Creed?

leon764963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Meus Interpretation Hey read this:
View this lineup (some titles, not all), for the PS3 (with reduction of price announced):
October:Foklore, sega rally, fifa08, jericho, Ratchet and clank, guitar hero3, Need for speed, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
November: COD4, lego star wars, army of two, assassin creed, brothers in arms, kane and lynch, orange box, haze, wwe smackdown vs raw, medal of honor airborne, Unreal Tournament III, Time Crisis 4, Uncharted drake's fortune
January: burnout paradise, devil may cry 4, silent hill 5, soulcalibur 4
February: Killzone 2, the club, little big planet, endwar, turok
2008: fallout 3, MGS4, chronicles riddick, quake wars, midnight club, mercenaries 2, GTA4, heavy rain, Gran Turismo 5, jak and dexter, SOCOM, Tekken 6, Final Fantasy XIII,Resindent Evil 5...and a lot more!!!!
...AND LOT MORE IN THE FUTURE!!!!! And you say MS will win?????? Don't party before time!!!!!!!
EDIT: the consumer prefers 500-600 dollars for a system that works then 350 dollars for a deffective system!!!!!!!

Meus Renaissance4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Firstly I did not say Microsoft have won. People should read the comments instead of just looking at the page. I said Microsoft will be in a dominant position by 2008 which will mean Sony needing to catch up within just a year.

And there is no price cut announced as of yet. There is a possibility it won't be announced until Christmas so your argument is flawed.

Microsoft are in the driving seat and Sony are asleep in the back seat right now.

sticky doja4963d ago

Dude most of those titles are multiplat, very few aren't.

hazeblaze4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Unfortunately, your list just shows that the 360 will be losing much of it's steam after the release of Halo 3... I lot of the games to look forward to just end up being multiplats.

I actually think the sales of the system are go to slow down TREMENDOUSLY next year... I'm guessing they will only sell 20M - 30M again this gen, & that the 120+M PS2'ers are just waiting for the price drops. Because 10M in 2 years for a system that was out first just doesn't bode well.

I'll look forward to Mass Effect... but after that, I really don't have anything I'm looking forward to on the 360.

The Brave 14963d ago

This guy Kim is a clown.I have read some of his comments lately and they are without merit.How ignorant and stupid can u be when u say that u basically will win the generation from sony in just 1 year after the PS3 is out.halo is what it is an overhyped game.Before you Microfans go krazy ive played halo 1 and actually bought an xbox 1 for it,however after that i realized it was just a thing for the moment after that it sucked in my opinion.Sony hs a game that sells it self and does not need 70 million dollars in marketing to do it.IM TALKING GT5!

JasonXE4963d ago

in 2008, Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, Upgraded UT3, and Gears of War 2 hopefully.

toughNAME4963d ago

i completetly agree

anyone with common sense (an open mind..hint hint) would agree with you

not that you need anymore..but bubble for you

mandrake4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Excellent observation, and not an easy point for most people to understand, as we can see from the replies you got.

Let me add just one thing to make it clearer. Under the business model that SONY and MS follow, the real money is made on sales of software, not hardware. Having the bestselling hardware is desirable to attract more game development, which leads to more releases and more software sales on that platform.

But besides total hardware sales, when those sales occur is also important. During a 6-year console cycle, buyers during the first 3-4 years will see most of the software library as new releases, and tend to buy more games at full-price. On the other hand, buyers during the last 2 years will encounter an older library and will buy more of their games at discounted prices, yielding lower profits. Moreover, the number of profitable new releases will decline during the final 2 years as developers migrate to the next generation platforms. In short, the noobs won't be as lucrative as early adopters.

Thus, even if the PS3 starts selling more units later on, as long as the 360 is able to hang on to its lead in total installed units throughout 2008 and 2009, it will remain the dominant software platform for new releases during the most profitable portion of its life cycle. The PS3 may finally overtake the 360 in 2010, but the race may well be over by then.

AngryTypingGuy4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

VaeVictus - "You could buy a cheap 360 that breaks all the time or a PS3 that costs $100 more that doesn't." That is a lame argument. Most 360's do not break. And the newer they are, the more dependable they will be. Come up with a better argument.

On a side note, it's funny how most people that argue in the PS3's favor use terms in the future tense. "It WILL BE", "eventually", "in a year or two", etc. Take a look at any video game magazine or website and look at games that will be coming out in 2008 and 2009. Do you see any games that graphically blow away anything that can be done on the 360? I don't, and most of these games will be on both systems. People keep promising and promising, but when will the PS3 live up to its supposed infinite potential?

And @ TheJudge down below me, you are right. Any side declaring victory this early is jumping the gun. There is a long way to go in this gen. The most amazing games are most likely not even announced yet.

LosT---SouL4963d ago

"Do you see any games that graphically blow away anything that can be done on the 360? I don't, and most of these games will be on both systems." If you meant to type "can't" then don't be so damn ignorant, if this was how you meant to type it (which wouldn't make much sense) then just ignore this. For one Insomniac Games said they NEEDED Blu-Ray just to make R&CF:TOD, plus mentioned that it couldn't be done on the 360. You really think you would see MGS4 (small chance of it even coming to 360) on 360 without a 4-disk pack? What about Killzone 2? You have to admit that KZ2 owns Halo 3 in terms of graphics, even in the pre-alpha stage.

SonySoldiers4963d ago

What a fool M$ preacher, rofl.

HALO is nothing, thats it! Resistance is 4000x better than any FPS on the market.

PS3 is for the future, it gets delays but it wins.

AngryTypingGuy4963d ago

@ Lost Soul - Read what I wrote again nice and slowwwwwwly so you can comprehend it. It makes perfect sense. PS3 games coming out even two years from now won't graphically blow away what the 360 will be able to do. Yes, the 360 has less disc space, and may require more than one disc for games, but graphically, the two consoles will be on par with one another.

WilliamRLBaker4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

thats 100 dollars more? where are you geting your info?

You can hardly find 60 gig ps3's any more, and the 80 gig is 600 bux.

Thats 450 for elite, 350 for pro, Core where you pulling the 100 dollars more?

as for that there are what 5m ps3's and 10-11m 360s? lol which one is gonna have more games sold in that list?

face it 360 will win this holiday, and it will win first quarter of 2008, and it will win summer, and fall, and holiday 2008:)

ASSASSYN 36o4963d ago

You missed another blockbuster hit. Ace Combat 6.

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THE_JUDGE4964d ago

Its like Nazi Germany declaring victory over the world after they took over Poland. There's been no competition for quite a while. Say you've won in 3 more years, you've only just started the war.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4964d ago

Nice one comparing M$ to nazi.

Also if Microsoft makes a new console in 2010 and bail X360 like it done with Xbox you think people would wanna jump on it unless pro M$ fanboys?

Go Nintedo! Shut up the loud mouth of M$

Meus Renaissance4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

I have no doubt that eventually the PlayStation 3 will sell more hardware than the Xbox360 over its lifespan, which is presumably significantly longer than the Xbox 360. But 2008 is so crucial to Sony's market share that if they fail to catch up or make a significant come-back then the consequences of such sales could continue the lacklustre support of 3rd party developers.

Between now and the end of the year, Microsoft will most likely sell 2million consoles which will give them a total of around 13million in 2 years since launch. The PlayStation 3 will not be able to compete with its current price point so then it must make up for lost ground in the next year. The price will be cut then and the big franchises will be released, consumers must then flock to the stores and purchase atleast 5-6million in that year just to hit the target of around 13m the 360 hit at the end of 2007. But the 360 will continue to sell in 2008 regardless, so Sony will always be playing catch up.

There is pressure, no denying that. Sony need to deliver. There's no debate to that, and they said it themselves at TGS; the console has not sold as well as they expected it to have.

Wake Up Call!

toughNAME4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

lol Meus Interpretation for the 2nd time in a row...totally agree with you

even though some would classify me as and 'MS fanboy'
i think PS3's will eventually win the console war...eventually

and yeah for this year Sony relied too much upon a loyal fanbase
"we could sell 5 million PS3's with no games"
time for a wake call indeed

peyotiux4963d ago

"we could sell 5 million PS3's with no games"

i think they actually did it, well acroding to most 360 fans that still state that the ps3 has no games

TheZippo4963d ago

I think it was a huge mistake for Sony to continue to support the PS2 with one of their best titles, God of War 2. If it was made for the PS3 it could have sold plenty of systems.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4964d ago

Nintendo will win this holiday season also this gen has long way to go yet.

witchking4963d ago

Can't we count the Wii as Nintendo's last gen offering? Shouldn't we be comparing Wii to PS2 and Xbox? When the Big N gives us an HD console, then we can compare them with PS3 and 360.

Honeal2g4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Thankyou ...this Generation is Between Xbox360 and PS3 ...

tplarkin74963d ago

The Wii is in a lonely place. It's not a state-of-the-art console, nor a handheld.

tchat10014964d ago

reminds me of bloodsport when the big lug knocked bolo to one knee, and paraded around like he had won the entire tournament. and you all know what happened when bolo got up.

PlayStation3604963d ago

Bubble+ for you bro. Memories :)