Now GAME cuts 3DS price

Console on sale for £219.99 as price war erupts

UK retailer GAME has lowered its 3DS price to £219.99.

The firm was originally selling the device for £229.99, but that price has come under pressure following aggressive moves from rivals ShopTo, Play and Amazon, all of which are selling the device for around £200.

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Kamikaze1352872d ago

No, Nintendo is letting UK stores price the 3DS on their own. They priced it to high so now they're slowly cutting it down. UK is competing with itself =X

Kon2872d ago

Like they cared about NGP

iamnsuperman2872d ago

No.... Sainsburys did the same thing with MW2. I think it was £20 on release. Shops sell at lower value to attract people. Nintendo still get the same money per unit its the shops doing the price decrease

eagle212872d ago must of been born last week...this one is made by Nintendo...and it's a handheld. Wake-up and smell the dominance. :)

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Muletroid2872d ago

man i dunno what the heck is going on with the UK everyone is charging totally different prices its a mess over there

iamnsuperman2872d ago

I do not care. The shops can compete with them selves and offer things at a lower value. I just get the best deal

jay22872d ago

Argos: £229.99 (with £60 of vouchers and an accessories kit worth £20)

Thats a good deal, 2-3 games free.

TLG19912872d ago

soo its been £199.99 special pre-order price on shopto net for more than a week

bumnut2870d ago

I preordered from Asda for £202, Play are selling it for the same price but they are usually slow on delivery.