You Can Soon Save Your PS3 Games In Thin Air

Via Kotaku: "Kotaku has learned that, earlier today, Sony informed developers of a new feature for the PlayStation 3: the ability to save games in the "cloud"."

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ActionBastard2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Hell. Yes. PS+ is so worth it. Games, discounts, exclusive access to betas and demos, and now cloud gave save storage. Now that's a service that actually gives you something.

Xulap2819d ago

Agreed. PlayStation Plus keeps paying for itself. This sounds amazing.

Well, actually.. It payed for itself a while back. Everything from the 2nd month onward is a bonus for me.

I'm a really happy PS+ member.

I_find_it_funny2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Not yet PS+ member, I hope this includes all the locked saves.
And that what Im lookinf for before signing for +, I want features not discounts , good move Sony

JoySticksFTW2819d ago

The article says that it does include copy protected games, but goes on to say that devs can opt out of cloud saving

Like I said before, my 60gb is long in the tooth. So I just bought a slim mainly to transfer over my copy protected saves like Demons' Souls that I already put hundreds of hours into.

It would be crazy to let devs opt out of this feature, if this is true

I really can't think of an acceptable scenario in which a dev should refuse to let their game be saved with this service

If anyone knows a reason, please share because my feeble mind can't come up with one

hakis862819d ago

You bought a Slim because of the HFF space? Why didn't you just get a 320GB HDD for 50$ and put it in your first PS3? It doesn't break the warranty.

Shikoro2819d ago

He bought a new Slim to transfer his saves in case his old 60GB dies on him. Get it now? :)

JoySticksFTW2819d ago

What Shikoro said.

Unfortunately, there are some game saves that are copy protected and cannot be transfered to memory cards

The only way to save them from being lost before your older system dies, is to use the transfer data utility to move all data including copy protected saves to a newer system

This may change though, if what this article says is true.

Kevin ButIer2819d ago

That image... PSN is heaven

ComboBreaker2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"It's a bird!"
"It's a plane!"
"No, it's Playstation, man!"

Saving the world of games in the cloud.

Wada of Square Enix: "With saving in the Cloud, gamers can finally save Aries from Sephiroth, in the sky."

Gamers: "That doesn't even make any sense..."

Ravenor2819d ago

Yeah, paying for discounts is AWESOME.

ActionBastard2819d ago

Good thing it's not just discounts Ravenor, as the story clearly states. Go back to paying for the privilege of playing with buds and leave the next-gen stuff to Sony.

SeanRL2818d ago

To the cloud!

Wait a minute....

Ravenor2818d ago


If only I paid for XBL, then your comment would have stung. You like the idea of having to pay to get into beta's and the privilege to play a demo? Worse enough that a lot of games don't launch with a demo, but PAYING? Ridiculous, what you people are willing to pay for, it's absolutely ridiculous.

As others have stated, Steam has had Steam Cloud for ages and most major free Email providers give you loads of space for images and other things all for free. This isn't new, and it's certainly not worth paying money for.

DragonKnight2818d ago

@Ravenor: Cosco has been doing it forever and seems to work. People like to pay for what they feel is value to them. In PS+ case it's exclusive access to betas, early access to demos, game trials, etc.. Maybe some people think that that's stupid to pay for, just like paying a store to give you discounts on products, but they find merit in it so... what are you going to do about it?

Oh I know, degrade people for it. Yeah, that'll change their minds for sure.

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HolyOrangeCows2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Does it include copy-protected save files? Because I can't back up all of mah gaem savez :(

duplissi2819d ago

i know this is heretic talk here... but if you jailbreak your system then you can copy your saves.

deadreckoning6662819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

@duplissi- Not even...u can go the even simpler route and just backup your game saves on a $10 usb stick or memory stick pro duo.

Don't get me wrong, this is a cool feature for PS Plus users, but it ain't gunna convert me. Until Sony creates an "all you can eat" subscription service for movies and tv shows..they won't be getting a yearly fee from me.

multipayer2819d ago

I think duplissi meant you can break the copy protected saves, that can't be saved to usb...

Cloud isn't something I'd want tied up in a subscription service anyway, what if I stop paying? There goes all my saves...

tigertron2819d ago

If it does then I'll subscribe to PS +

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fucadastates2819d ago

loving the auto update/downloade thing that comes with psplus. havent downloaded a patch in ages.. the ps3 does it for me, when i sleep :)

Christopher2819d ago

Man, get this done now! I want my saves always saved in a cloud.

PS3 crashes? Whatever, I've got all the saves I need stored off the PS3 and quickly rotate in another.

thesummerofgeorge2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Sounds cool, but wouldn't that mean you'd have to be online to access your saves? I would be worried that I wouldn't be able to play my games if I couldn't get a connection for whatever reason.

Edit:Now that I think about it, I suppose I do have tons of saves for games I haven't played in a while, so I can see it being really useful for files you aren't using but don't wanna get rid of.

ChrisW2819d ago

Yeah... but on PC STEAM which gives awesome demos, discounts, and what not... Cloud is free.

kwicksandz2819d ago

yup but console gamers dont seem to mind being nickle and dimed by their favourite manufacturer for some reason.

Ravenor2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

This always comes to mind when I see people praising PS+.

Not all good things HAVE to cost money.

Discounts aren't worth a subscription, and 95% of the free stuff I'm not interested in playing. I have a PS1 for PS1 games, I don't need them on the hard drive too.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2819d ago

Get this, its optional......

and its a great option, its not a needed aspect like steams cloud because almost everyone has more than one pc.

It should have been supported by all steam games from day 1 imo.

WhiteNoise2819d ago

@Action Bastard

Yeah man, it does the same things as steam, except steam is free...

For the price of PSN+ you could buy a few games a year which you get to keep..

Steam has matchmaking services, achievements, game store, media viewing and trailer downloads etc, free demo's, beta's, DLC support, cloud storage, and anti cheat.

People need to stop praising and paying for features that have been free on PC for years.

FinalSpartan2819d ago

what kind of pointless feature is this? saving games into a server on the internet?

1. You can backup your files using extrenal hhh
2. You can backup your files using a large USB thumbstick

depending on what they mean by games? Gamesaves ? LOOOL they so small and take no space at all. Full PSN games? Can be saved onto the above.

This is pointless , the space provided in nowaydays PS3 is enough. For everything as installs and such. I have 180GB. Thats why more then enough.

Give us stuff like

party chat
cross game invite

real features.

Oh what happens when server goes down? server gets hacked lol

FinalSpartan2819d ago

oh it is for saves haha ridiculous and also for PSN+ members only haha who would buy that garbage just for that.

bananlol2819d ago

Newer ps3 games already use a unified invite system. And i believe that if you are in a text chat lobby these invites will go out to everyone in the lobby, so in a sense the ps3 already have a party system. Just lacks the voice part:(

y0haN2818d ago

"Hell. Yes. PS+ is so worth it. Games, discounts, exclusive access to betas and demos, and now cloud gave save storage. Now that's a service that actually gives you something."

You get all those, for free, on Steam.

solar2818d ago

you shouldnt have to pay money for those features Action. those are features you should get for buying Sony's hardware. along with Xbox Live should be free. anyone who pays for that is insase.

Geralt2818d ago

Worth it? This is what Steam has been giving for years, totally free.

thorstein2818d ago

Right.... on PCs. And we are getting Steam too!!!! SO if you aren't PS+ you're still good.

thorstein2818d ago

This is PURE WIN!!

I guess PSN has finally ecliPS3d the competition. (see what I did there???)

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eggbert2819d ago

interesting. Save a bit o space It seems.


Nitrowolf22819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Well i wouldn't expect something like this to be free, i have tons of game saves on MY PS3. And with so many other users who do to, this has to be costly for them to maintain that many saves.
Another reason why people should go for Plus.

I'm hoping this eventually evolves into more then just gamesaves over time.
Maybe next generation or so.

The way i see it, PS3 is a testing ground for PSN for next generation console.

coldfoot2819d ago

I bet all your game saves would take up less space than a demo download like ME2 or Bulletstorm.

Darkfocus2819d ago

steam does this for free....

Neo Nugget2819d ago

Not on every game though, right?

Axecution2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

@Neo Nugget:

Lol nah he's right Steam does do it for free for every single game. xD Keeps track of your exact saves for every game, your play time, last time played, etc.
But it's still definitely awesome.

In all seriousness it SHOULD be free. I mean, 100 game saves most likely would not take up more space than 20 pictures or so, and yet photobucket remains free.
And then yeah Steam cloud saves are free.
Even Microsoft has cloud storage on hotmail where you can upload up to 25 gigabytes of files for free. It's called Skydrive. Pretty sure Google has it as well.

But whatever. I already have plus, and i fully intend on using this since i constantly travel to people's houses and need to repeatedly transfer saves from ps3 to memory stick to other ps3 to memory stick back to my ps3.
Super annoying haha

Kewl_Kat2819d ago

@Darkfocus, PS+ isn't charging just for the cloud save feature. The feature is part of the many benefits PS+ offers.

Darkfocus2819d ago

it's not free if it's part of a service your paying for...they should just give it to all ps3 owners game saves are ridiculously small anyway...

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Nitrowolf22819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

title a bit misleading
Bout dam time
Now i have something to look forward to in a FW update.
However i am under the impression that it has to be activated by the developers first
"Sony informed developers of a new feature for the PlayStation 3: the ability to save games in the "cloud"."
idk maybe its just letting them know, which means that they might enforce more locked Gamesaves (not good for people offline).

Either way, this is really good news. A feature thats been requested for some time now.

Cloud Storage>>>>> Cross Game Chat
Still would be nice to add later on in the year. I'm hoping we see some of those NGP Apps make it to PS3.

Checkmate2819d ago

my question is what if you're a PSN+ user and have saved games on their servers and then you decide to cancel PSN+? do you lose all of your saves??

egidem2819d ago

No, I'm pretty sure if that is what happens, then it is a wrong move by Sony. I think that your saves will stay in the cloud, but something tells me that if you want the back, you have to re-subscribe your PSN+ account.

BARF2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"Cloud Storage>>>>> Cross Game Chat"

not even close. party chat is great. i dont know why ps3 kids hate on it so much??? i could care less about this online storage bs compared to party chat. i like to be able to communicate with my friends during games without random people throwing in their two scents. also party chat helps to avoid those outrageous arguing matches in lobbies. give me party chat so i never have to pay for live agan. if sony added party chat to ps+, it would sell like crazy (i pay for + now as it is).

BARF2819d ago

"throwing in their two CENTS" - fixed lol.

had to do that before a grammar nazi came after me.

danmachine2819d ago

the expression is COULDN'T CARE less not could care less. has the whole world gone mad?

trounbyfire2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

eat your words haters PS3 is the future...wait the future is now


and doesn't portal 2 have cloud storage so yeah this is one step closer to psp2 and ps3 being husband and wife.

play uncharted on your ps3 then save to cloud. go out and play uncharted by getting your saves from online then again and again

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

When is the Wedding?

Because PSN and Steam they have a Matrimony already:

trounbyfire2819d ago

i know but this has to do with the NGP like i said it means more than storage

see my comment on #10

jizzyjones2819d ago

Sounds like STEAM, o wait steamworks arrives when Portal2 does.......3.60 in prep for Portal2 it is then.