Call Of Duty Black Ops Works Just Fine On The 360

My PS3 counterparts have gone through some rough times with their console of choice as of late, plagued with security breaches, hacks, and endless bugs. The latest game to fall under these unfortunate circumstances is none other than Call Of Duty Black Ops, the biggest selling game of all time. It’s gotten so bad that glitches render the game almost useless, meanwhile for 360 users its business as usual. Now to be fair, the 360 did get a minor bug that allowed some to paint their guns gold, but treyacrh quickly patched the issue and that was that.

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ActionBastard2824d ago

Is that why patch 1.06 is coming to the 360 too?


Hitman07692824d ago

It really works fine on PS3 too except for the party system which Microsoft programmed universally for 360, Treyarch didn't bother to program a good party system on PS3 they just threw something together without testing it in REAL WORLD conditions.

deadreckoning6662824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

@Action Bastard- Kinda of off-topic, but uve never made a comment on this site that hasn't given preference to the PS3 or Sony. I find that interesting.

"Give me a fucking break Black Ops online is a mess on any platform."

So why is it the most played online game on HD consoles at the moment? People can choose to play BC2, Reach, M.A.G, KZ2 etc., but most WILLINGLY choose to play Black Ops. Its ur opinion and ur entitled to it, but on N4G (a site that frowns upon anything the mainstream likes just for the sake of being different), I take ur argument with a grain of salt.

The point is, gamers don't play games that they think are crap.

@Pixelated_Army- No one said the 360 version works "perfectly"...thats a silly argument since NO online game is flawless. The argument here is that the 360 version is running a hell of a lot better than the PS3 version at the moment...and thats true.

Pixelated_Army2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Xbox live + $10 rate increase + cost of the game + P2P hit detection issues = priceless

360 works perfectly? ELPres disagrees with you. lol

Rainstorm812824d ago


People play what they are used to no matter what the problems are, COD isnt a bad game but it IS the Madden of this generation.

No matter the bugs or glitches people will run out in droves to buy COD. Most do it because they either dont know of anything else or dont care.

COD is one of those games i consider to be core-casual, its easily accessible, doesnt take much skill, and the arcadey nature of it make it fun to play for a variety of people.....

sdtarm2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Cant believe ppl still care about CoD, its always been garbage and the biggest insult to any gamer.

I feel bad for those brainless sheeps that just keep wasting a full pricetag on a game thats the same sht every year worst is the ppl who give 60 bucks to a greedy company every year to be able to use a service that should be free.

Good thing thats not all of us and i honestly dont care how well CoD runs on 360 I play games that cant even run on a 360

VictimOfHypocrisy2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )


"Key Word "minor Issues"

Well your key words for this title is "Works Just Fine" so which is it? Does the 360 version work just fine or does it have some issues?



*looks at tittle*
Afirmation of game working rightly on 360

*looks at tags, reads article*
It's obviously a comparison of the current state of the game on PS3 and on 360.

*looks at first comment*
Guy says that 360 version is about to receive same patch than PS3 version, obviously implying it's not so ok.

This looks like a logical comment to me, how is that off-topic?

Now your comment is way more off topic (trying to deny a perfectly logical comment for the commenter preferences) and an unfunded mess... Popularity holds little to no relation to quality, plus COD may be the most played multiplayer on 360, but last I heard on PS3 it was still SOCOM, around the time the way more popular MW2 was on it's peak. Do you have any source to say BO is the most played game on PS3?

hassi942823d ago


Actually he was saying that he himself (deadreckoning) was being off topic by commenting on Action Bastard's history. You just told Deadreckoning what he knew.

ActionBastard2823d ago

I think the 360 is shit, I don't hide that. I'm proud of it. And Black Ops on 360 is borked too.

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Dante1122824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Lol, I like how the guy tries to convince me to buy a Xbox360 and claims it's superiority through Black Op bugs on the PS3.

"Then why are these issues mostly exclusive to the PS3 and not the 360? Regardless of the reasons, its obvious PS3 users has been royally screwed. Can we all go back to being gamers and not brand loyalist?"


Black Ops Aimbot Hack hits all platforms

ATiElite2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

It Really Doesn't but it should....

Seeing how anywhere from $5 to $8 dollars of YOUR Xbox Live subscription fee goes directly to ACTICVISION I would expect the dam 360 version to run FLAWLESS in full 1080p HD 8xAA 16xAF 100FPS Vsync across 3 screens in 3D.

Modern Warfare 2 sold 20 million units, Activision made millions but did that translate to a super duper better game? Fuck NO! Black Ops has sold way over 20 million units and I guarantee Modern Warfare 3 will be no better than Modern Warfare 1.

Bottom line Activision has made way too much money for the quality of their games to even be in question. They should have AAA quality on any platform as the Call of Duty series has made more cash than 90% of all the developers out there.

Headquarters112824d ago

Black ops Black ops blah blah blah, WHO CARES? Everybody knows that the 360 version of black ops works fine Captain Obvious. Why make an article about it?!

r1sh122824d ago

I only play the xbox version, but it does have many problems too.
If you look on the treyarch forums for the 360 you will notice a massive thread about lag.
The game uses a lag compensator so it looks like everyone has a green (3 or 4) bar connection when they really dont.
Treyarch used this on all platforms and it gives people with bad connections and high ping a massive advantage.
Also the person who talks all that xbox live + $10 price hike etc...
The servers are dedicated, and its always down to the dev's if they want to use them.

lil Titan2824d ago

everyone is complaining on the game but keeps on playing it? why? just dont play it thats how you send a message to them not flood the facebook page with messages, not email them all that does is bring a new patch and i wonder how many people are disappointed with the game but will buy those map packs? that tells them they are doing something right if you buy there product STOP PLAYING if they see there numbers of 5,986,785 go down to 689,495 that is a message believe it or not

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Led-Zeppelin2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

FFS Im growing more tired of Treyarch and Activision everyday.

Megaton2824d ago

Hacks just fine on the 360 too.

DFresh2824d ago

Give me a fucking break Black Ops online is a mess on any platform.

The only reason why Xbox 360 has less problems is because that platform is the lead platform for the Call of Duty series instead of it originally being PC which is where that franchise originally started.

Let's not forget on Xbox 360 it's a simple copy/paste on PS3/PC it's different coding and it looks like the developers don't want to take the time to code properly because that would mean they would have to work.
(Some idiots think it's because of XBL that COD runs better on Xbox 360 when really it's just different coding and the fact that the games didn't code the game properly for PS3/PC is why those platforms are having issues.)

Boo fucking who it's their damn jobs to make games either do it right or don't do it at all.

Don't make me waste my time.

pepsilover_20072824d ago

so is it me or am i hearing more glithes on the ps3 then the wii, hmm how the tides have turned, then again microsoft probally payed to screw over ps3 owners anyways so screw microsoft and treyarch :) but u would have figured that they would try to fix there games

roflcopters2823d ago

"then again microsoft probally payed to screw over ps3 owners anyways so screw microsoft and treyarch"

I bet you think MS is to blame for "no towns" in FFXIII too, keep wearing that tinfoil hat buddy

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