Star Gladiator and Cyberbots Coming To PSN (Gameplaybook)

Two classic PS One fighting games are making their way to PlayStation Japan, anyway.

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LeShin2914d ago

I loved this series!! Hayato's da man!

supremacy2914d ago

Isn't it a shame he isn't in marvel vs capcom 3?

I think they should consider liquidating some of those pointless characters and making some space for him.

That current roster is the reason why i am more excited about mortal kombat than i am over mvc3.

HungryGoku2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Gene,Hayato,Jin,Captain Commando and a character from Crismon Tears should have made the MvsC3 roster. Oh well :( Capcom lost my unit sold renting or buying MvsC3 used.