More Details on Upcoming Age of Conan Solo Instances

Tired of questing in Hyboria but don’t have the time or patience to join raids? Well, Funcom is giving you an alternative by introducing several new solo instances in Age of Conan, which are part of the 2.1 content patch due out in the next few months.

Funcom game designers divulged the secrets of these solo instances in the latest Age of Conan development update.

The level 80 solo instance Refuge of the Apostate will have a twenty-hour lockout and will offer esteem tokens and and will offer esteem tokens and up to a dozen Marks of Acclaim.

Meanwhile, the level 40-80 scalable auto-content generation instances called The Breach and The Forgotten City will both have three boss encounters and repeatable quests.

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PPineiro2819d ago

So interesting, Michael. We'll see how these instances affect the game. I hope it will be for good. Personally, I love solo instances as they are a solo challenges, in addition to all the group challenges every MMO has. Variety=good.