Star Wars: The Old Republic “Flash Points” Detailed By Bioware

RipTen: With the recent Mass Effect 2 PS3 release, the Mass Effect 3 announcement, and Dragon Age II coming in about a month, you’re not at fault if Bioware’s other upcoming project, Star Wars: The Old Republic fell off your radar. I’ll admit that I hadn’t thought about the project until this morning when Bioware released new information, screens and a video highlighting ‘flashpoints’ from the upcoming MMO.

***Screens and More on RipTen***

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CrzyFooL2846d ago

The game has player ships that you can customize. They sold me there.

Sandwich Bender2846d ago

It's ridiculous how little it takes for me to fall right back into a Star Wars phase. EXCITEMENT!!!!

bfenty2846d ago

Nan I totally forgot about this

Kreyg2846d ago

I feel like such a nerd when it comes to getting excited over anything Star Wars, then I realize how much I don't care that I'm a nerd!

GuruStarr782845d ago

I love star wars, but unless Bioware gets smart and ports this to consoles.....this will just be another Star Wars Galaxies as far as I'm concerned......I don't have a PC capable of running this well and I don't plan on getting one anytime soon......too bad, because I'd definitely be in on this one.

CrzyFooL2845d ago

The PC reqs are uber low from what i understand

Letros2845d ago

lol SW Galaxies was a great game until SOE f#@$^@ it up

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