Darkstalkers 3, Rockman 4, And More Coming To JPSN

Capcom is getting set to drop a PSone fighting game bomb on Japanese PSN for the February 9th update. Games coming out are Vampire Savior: EX Edition, Star Gladiator Episode I: Final Crusade, Cyberbots Fullmetal Madness. Megaman 4 will also be released that day.

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CrescentFang2818d ago

Hm, I take it they already got the complete works for MM1-3?

Very nice, Star Gladiator and Vampire Savior, gotta love nostalgia.

But damn I didn't get to play Cyberbots, a little bit of Tech Romancer, but that;s considered a spiritual sequel :(

I hope Capcom will eventually release this stuff in other territories...