Everything you need to know about L.A. Noire

IGN writes: "Haven't been paying attention to Rockstar's latest? We get you caught up on what you need to know."

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GuruStarr782821d ago

definitely a day one purchase for me......the main character somewhat reminds me of the main character from Mafia 2....

This will be a GOTY contender...

IllusionRSN2821d ago

I was expecting more out of this article from IGN than this. This is a pretty lame article :(

cruelpixel2821d ago

Rockstar is going in the right direction. Eventually, we might have HBO quality storytelling from them.

GTAIV had a great first hour or so. Then it lost its focus, its vision, its whatever.

RDR was the first game to maintain its consistency throughout. There was one poorly written section (fetch quests for the attack on fort mercer), but the game actually gained momentum and saved the best for its final acts.

LA Noire could be the first Rockstar game, hopefully, to bleed quality and nuance in even its most minor moments.

rugis2821d ago

Rockstar is just publishing the game, not developing it. When are people going to fucking realize this and give Team Bondi credit?