Kinect is the "fastest selling consumer electronics device in history"

Kinect, the Xbox 360 motion control device - you know, the one that could have so easily have gone the way of the pear at retail has somehow become the "fastest selling consumer electronics device in history". That’s right – the fastest of all freakin’ time.

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Lord_Doggington2818d ago

grats ms for being able to do this. quite a feat, tbh

thugbob2818d ago

It is amazing when you think about it.

Kinect needs games of the quality of Gears though.

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WhittO2818d ago

"fastest selling consumer electronics device in history".

I thought the iPad was the fastest selling?

Can't belive 8 MILLION people have bought Kinect? What are they playing?! lol.
I would bet that 80% of the people who bought Kinect haven't used it in over 2+ weeks..

kaveti66162818d ago Show
BryanBegins2818d ago


What am I playing? Well after having fun with Kinect adventure (I really like catching the big red balls, it's really fun, especially with a friend), I usually play Kinect Sport, which is really well done (not all sport, I find bowling really dull).

And of course, I sometimes play Dance central.

ABizzel12818d ago

It's good for MS, but I can't care about Kinect as a gamer until they release games gamers want. The games they have scheduled later for this year have peaked my interest, but I need to see them at E3 before I decide. The same thing goes with Move.

Chug2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Sure kaveti, my comment isn't valid because I didn't sugar coat it for you? My apologies. It's just my opinion, no need to start name calling.

And I have plenty of games to play this year being an owner of 360/PS3/Wii.

Also, I do get out plenty and do lots of other things besides gaming. I don't know what would make you think otherwise besides you just trying to think of generic reasons just to bring me down based on one comment about your precious Kinect.

And I wasn't "bitching" until some random internet entity pulled the "fanboy" card on me.

Tinasumsum2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

You should let the fans of the device worry what are quality games to them. Just saying


Disagree? Even Sony came out admitting defeat to the media saying they can't believe Kinect sold so much at such a high price. That's what Sony gets for trying to a win a battle they could never win parroting Sony fanboys as a way of countering Kinect.

Sony and fanboys wouldn't have anything to worry about if Sony came out with a new product people actually wan't instead of trying to steal the Wii concept and trolling Kinect with the help from PS3 fanboys.

Jaces2818d ago


Some people just hate it when not everyone bows down to Kinect and openly admit that there are NO good games for the 360 (exclusive wise) thus far.

I'm in the same boat as you. Nice to see not everyone is blind by Kinect. What is funny is how every fanboy of PS3 and 360 bashed motion gaming and now all the sudden its the FUTURE OF GAMING as we know it, hypocrites run wild.

Anyway congrats for Kinect selling so quickly, but that doesn't mean anything to me if they keep piling the shovelware on.

kaveti66162818d ago

Why would you enter a thread that's supposed to be about positive news for Microsoft and then complain, and then when you get called out on it you say you weren't bitching?


That's what it means to be a troll.

WhittO2818d ago

@BryanBegins Good for you, and how long exactly do you think these games will last and keep your interest?

another month or 2 tops? then never played until people come over? and even then..

Inside_out2818d ago

c'mon now, you don't have one 360, let alone so angry??? One minute it's M$ sucks and then the next it's it doesn't matter because you have all the consoles...O_o

" It's called a fad "...really...what do you call 85 million selling Wii after 5 years...a

2011 is a few weeks old and now the 360 is done. I guess you hate Halo reach? Fable 3 not your cup of tea? Alan wake didn't sell enough for you to like. Splinter cell conviction was on PC so it doesn't count right. Crackdown 2 was bad because people who can't play it said

How about third party gaming...don't like those because??? WHY, there third party. All the third party games released in 2010 look, sell and play better on 360. RDR is 640p on PS3 and 720p on 360 but that doesn't matter but I bet if it were the opposite it would be the inferior 360 vault RIGHT? The 360 controller alone would be enough but add xbl and the 360 OS and it's a done would know that IF you actually gamed on the system. Look at the list of multi-plats releasing this have to be insane to complain about games to play.

Kinect is NOT a fad but is part of the bigger picture that is casual gaming. The wii has shown that the casuals are a force to be reckoned with. M$ is just adapting to the situation as is Sony with the Sony move.

When hundreds of thousands of gamers start playing Kinect games on XBL, then you can panic...I doubt that is about to happen and since M$ has generated well over 1.2 BILLION dollars in revenue from XBL, the hardcore will always be well fed.

Bulletstorm with the Gears multi-player beta is about to good I guess. Crysis multi-player beta just started and will be going on for a month...don't interest you huh. COD: black ops timed exclusive map pack drops next week...let me guess, you hate COD.

My guess is you hate M$ and will always hate M$. M$ is going to have a massive E3 blow out this and see.

Sony is set to have a great year...since you have a PS3, why not just sit back and enjoyed it for

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Foliage2817d ago

@ Tinasumsum

You do know what the EyeToy was, right?

Your rant is extremely laughable, when you are defending the biggest imitation of them all.

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Strikepackage Bravo2818d ago

So much for all the idiots who said Kinect would be a massive fail, and not just here, media types all over the net were claiming Kinect was crap and would fail. When will morons learn to stop betting against Microsoft.

On another note, please people STOP asking for hardcore kinect games, I dont want MS wasting resources on hardcore kinect games, I want them concentrating on hardcore traditional controller games.

TBM2818d ago

im glad im not one of those people id rather spend the money on games instead of shovelware. my 360 hasnt been used in a while.

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edwineverready2818d ago

I hope they don't forget the hardcore gamers. You know the ones that made the xbox360 a succes.

Perjoss2818d ago

Hardcore gamers still have the controller, kinect is not really for them. Lately I'm feeling kind of bored of all the shooting and driving, a good 'casual' game can really put a smile on your face and, you know can be a lot of fun.

Pixelated_Army2818d ago

Looks like they already have for 2011 and if the Kinect trend continues then it might carry over to the next year.

Masterchef20072818d ago

Of course it makes sense to sell your product to the largest market which are the casuals. Microsoft doesnt need core gamers to make a hefty profit if they have the casuals.

Joni-Ice2818d ago

@ edwineverready they did already

Spydiggity2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

i consider myself a "hardcore" gamer and i've barely had any interest in touching either my 360 (sept for the 4 or 5 weeks i played reach) or my ps3 for almost a year now. there's an infinite number of hours of fun to be had on PC. in fact, i've had a blast for about the last month playing demos and betas...haven't spent a dime since i got bad company 2 over xmas for 7 bucks.

Spydiggity2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

double post, my apologies.

Firstkn1ghT2818d ago

Never understood the logic of "forgetting your hardcore gamer"

Did Sony forget their ps3 fanbase when creating games like MGS Peace Walker on the psp? Their is plenty of room for both the casual and the hardcore.

radphil2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

"Did Sony forget their ps3 fanbase when creating games like MGS Peace Walker on the psp? Their is plenty of room for both the casual and the hardcore."

How the hell does that make a relation to something like say a Mario game vs Carnival Games?

You just used a platform shift, not a game type shift. The problem is this, if a company sees people buying millions of a bag of nothing for example, they'll keep selling it, regardless of the situation, because money talks.

Unfortunately look at how the library of the Wii came out. Way too much low quality, third-party games, than Nintendo first party games.

I'm not joking, when I say people actually bought stuff like this over things like Twilight Princess, Mario Kart, etc:

Ninjabread Man

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Incipio2818d ago

I'm pretty sure bundling is the reason for this. By itself, it sure as hell is not the fastest in history.

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