DC Universe Online - Co-Op PvP Missions

PI writes, "This current battle objective is about protecting the SP Medics while fighting off the villains and this takes place at the science police headquarters . You will notice during this battle that some actual player villains will appear in the midst of the fight. Whether it was part of one of their missions or they just happened to pass bye and decided to try their luck at giving you a beat down."

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watchyourback2824d ago

Not 100% on this game yet....

Hitman07692824d ago

You should definitely check it out if a friend of yours has it or something it's really really good, new take on the MMO genre.

Trebius2824d ago

i agree ... it's so much fun. Once you get to level 30 it opens up to a WHOLE new world of fun lol.

Hayabusawoman132824d ago

DCUO is really a fun game, I wonder why we don't see more videos of it being released?

MintBerryCrunch2824d ago

look up TotalHalibut on Youtube...the guy has lengthy videos of the game and is very entertaining to i think most reviewers are holding off until they have played the game at least to some degree instead of just playing a couple of hours and think they know everything there is to know

e.g. GT5

soundslike2824d ago

you wont see much about this game for a while outside of negative articles, because everyone who would make videos or positive articles are too busy playing it!

vgcgames2824d ago

nice this gamejust keeps getting better

9thGenHero2824d ago

Hitman, we gotta have a DCUO session with you me, and hill, mayb 2nite while we discuss :)

Malebaria2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Can´t wait to delve into DCUO. Loving the support it´s been getting by SOE and it´s only been out for less than a month! Imagine it in a year´s time, arguably the time frame MMOs start shinning.

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The story is too old to be commented.