PlayStation Move Heroes Bundle, Box Art Revealed

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, we’re happy to announce the exclusive Toys “R” Us PlayStation Move Heroes Bundle, available when the game ships on March 22nd. If you’ve been holding out on the PlayStation Move for this title, now is the time to pick up everything you need to get started!

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ksense2821d ago

seems like a good deal if you are interested in Move. Move Games usually sell for $40 so that makes the Move only $60. I am still waiting to see more Move games before I take the plunge.

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MarcusFenixITA2821d ago

I still need move. Haven't played move yet

Sevir042821d ago

i think KZ3 and sorcery will be the games to really make this peripheral fly. i've been using move heavily with mag. in fact it's the only thing i play MAG with these days so i cant wait to try it with other types of games built ground up for it. Sorcery and KZ3 are on my radar for move!

blackburn52821d ago

This game wasn't exactly on my list at first but after seeing the Move controls in action, especially the way the game disc game controls, I am almost sold. Just need to see a little platforming and it's on the 'must have' list. Also three of my favourite Sony characters working together in one game for $40 is very tempting as it is.

DFresh2821d ago

I like it better then the other PS Move Bundle.
Would be way more impressed if Sony released a Time Crisis: Razing Storm PS Move Bundle.