IGN - SOCOM 4 Rips Page from The Hurt Locker

At the end of the trailer for SOCOM 4, Sony's upcoming tactical third person shooter, a soldier in a massive padded suit, walks through an active war zone. It's a familiar sight to anyone who say 2009's Oscar winner for Best Picture, The Hurt Locker.

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ComboBreaker2823d ago

"A bomb squad mode, possibly where teams cover their slow moving diffuser, would round out the play styles."

Holy sh*t. It's gonna to be the bomb.

MintBerryCrunch2823d ago

sort of like Full Spectrum Warrior, but with more freedom

Downtown boogey2823d ago

Hurt Locker was great!
...But this is nothing like Hurt Locker, lol... It's more like the juggernauts from MW2 :/

Sevir042823d ago

thats cool. i'm really looking forward to playing this. the multiplayer portion looks sick

sinncross2823d ago


I just wish I knew whether there is offline MP ( 4 players competitive/ 2 players co-op) and online split-screen.

The game does not look graphically demanding and I really hope one of these makes it in.

Sevir042823d ago

their is 5 laer coop, online and some more features for offline play to be announced so i'm sure your wishes will get granted.

SoapShoes2823d ago

This was in production before the Hurt Locker came out though. lol

Hellsvacancy2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

The HurtLocker was a load of bollo<ks "hay, look at us yanks lets pat ourselves on the back"

I watched the move for an hour, i couldnt take anymore why it got the hype and praise it reieved ill never know, and hay, im like.... one of the MOST open minded mofos on the planet so dont come at me with i have no heart or imagination coz ill floor ya, the film was dreaful

SoapShoes2823d ago

No offense, but people who say they are the most open minded usually are the most close minded people and because they think they are open minded the just can't see their close mindedness.

ComboBreaker2823d ago

Not Oscar worthy, but still a really good movie.

Downtown boogey2823d ago

If it was anything, it was Oscar WIN!

Such an unconventional movie and it WORKS. It doesn't follow the same patterns as most movies and it moves along very realistically and unpredictably which is why it's hard to believe how gripping it really is!

kramun2823d ago

I thought it was a really good film. It gave you an insight in to how bomb disposal worked and what their lives were like. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't say it was one of the greatest films ever made, it was just a very good film. It's well worth watching.

visualb2823d ago


it was a good movie, and it wasn't about yanks or anything, just bomb defusers

there are british bomb defusers too yano...<_<

EazyC2823d ago

What a movie though.. Jeremy Renner was awesome!

Commander_TK2823d ago

Ain't got s*** on V for Vendetta :)

EazyC2814d ago

hehe can't argue with that i guess!

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The story is too old to be commented.