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If you’re one of the 3 people that still hasn’t played Rockstar’s latest (and arguably GREATEST) open world adventure you should DEFINITELY jump on this! For a limited time Amazon is selling the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption for only $29.99 for BOTH the Xbox 360 and PS3! (a full 25% off the ALREADY reduced price)

The game is a masterpiece in and of itself but if, after playing this epic story, you understandably seek even more content then you are in luck! For a limited time you can

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Schism202915d ago

Finally! I was waiting for the price to drop. I was one of the very few who didn't get to play this game.

Ahasverus2915d ago

You sir, don't deserve to have a console =P (jk)

evildeli2915d ago

Walked into a Gamestop today and they had new RDR marked for 29 too.

Kos-Mos2915d ago

I`m playing the game now and it`s a huge disappointment.
*Possible spoilers ahead*

First of all where`s the indians? I know it`s normal/clichè with indians in a western game, but I think it`s an important factor to get the right atmosphere. Maybe they will turn up later, but can`t see it and it would also be too late. I don`t care about Mexico. Why on earth can`t they have englsih subtitles on the mexicans?
Second, why are the acting and humans so badly directed? Isn`t this a game from a big company with a lot of money?
Third and possibly most important, the aiming system (I use expert. Tried all of course) feels just wrong. Because of the bad design and motions of the enemies I can`t feel I`m really shooting someone.
Fourt, you ride yer horse, shoot some people get back to checkpoint. And that`s about it. Poker and black jack? You can play it with real friends or on your computer.

What`s in it for me then? Riding the horse in the wild, shooting some animals and skinning them. Freedom is nice.

I really have to push myself to finish this game...
Game of the year? Not even close.

Newtype2915d ago

Natives were probably integrated during this time or moved.

ikkokucrisis2915d ago

The thing that makes this game really unique is the setting. The game mechanics closely follow sandbox type games from the past.

One sandbox game that I REALLY loved from last year was Just Cause 2.

cgmike2915d ago

First, there ARE Indians in the game! But in 1911 they were no longer running around like in cliche Cowboy and Indian movies all shirtless and feathered up!

Your second point is opinion, if you don't like the voice acting thats fine. But MANY disagree with you. To each there own.

Your third point is also opinion. The aiming is not as good as a Halo or COD admittedly, but it doesn't 'break' the game. Auto-aim FTW lol.

watchyourback2915d ago

I could have used more Indians...

jdktech20102915d ago

I would jump on that price but I've got a plan in place to buy RDR, Alan Wake or Sly Collection and Fallout New Vegas for about 35 bucks using a B2G1F promo and gift card from Gamestop sometime around March. Pretty good price though

Btw, does RDR have any online pass features like EA's games where you need to buy the game new?

violent80sarcade822914d ago

There's native american's in the game but they don't appear til towards the end when your getting near blackwater u gotta fight a whole bunch of apache's 1 becomes your friend til he gets his brains blown but i hear ya point i do wish they had a lot of diff tribes like some cheroekee's,comanche's or sioux's would have been cool and seeing thier own unique style of how they dress would have been intresting to see.