Jaffe Feels It’s Time To Explore The Twisted Metal World In “Different Ways”

David Jaffe is well known for the work he’s done and the series he’s helped given birth too. Series like God of War and Twisted Metal. Speaking about the Sony’s Next Generation Portable and Twisted Metal earlier today on Twitter, he came up with an idea that didn’t sound half bad. He says that he would like to do a Twisted Metal meets Silent Hill type of game for the upcoming handheld.

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jaredhart2824d ago

Sounds like an interesting idea.

TheLastGuardian2824d ago

I really hope this won't be the last Twisted Metal game. I hope that the new one sells well and has a huge fanbase again like it did back in the PS1 days. Then maybe Eat Sleep Play will make more Twisted Metal games. Sounds like Jaffe wants to make another dark, Twisted Metal Black type game next.

Kreyg2824d ago

I doubt it'll be his last. Especially if it does well. Which it probably should. Fans of the series--such as myself--will be out at midnight to pick it up.

R2D22824d ago

Is this the only picture they have of Jeffe? He is always wearing that same shirt.

vicious69832824d ago

Jaffe has some good ideas for games so I'm always interested.

MoeThirteen2824d ago

That in no way sounds possible. To bring the elements of one game to another would most likely cancel each other out and become no game at all.

-Alpha2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

He doesn't necessarily mean he is forcing two games together.

He has a vision and he will achieve it.

Personally, for the PS3 version, I wanted a more Black version, but it's still twisted, so it's all good. The MP is what I'm excited for, but the story is what I'll remember most from Twisted Metal: Black

Burning_Finger2824d ago

Less talking more developing.

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