Is the Wii Ready For Replacement?

Our current generation of consoles has been running for a while, but how long will these last? HeartCore Gaming takes a look at if the Wii's has run its course.

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Ayer992909d ago

Wii still has a lot of life left. Kirby, Zelda, Conduit 2, and many more.

pingdom2909d ago

I agree with this article. The wii is starting to squeeze out its old franchises, but how long can they keep that up for. The third party support is going down and down, and all they have are big titles like kirby and zelda for people to look forward to. 360 and ps3 on the other hand are churning out new games monthly. The wii is running on fumes now, but the 3ds is going places. the 3ds sadly looks better then the wii in many aspects, and its a handheld.