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PALGN: MMO's are nothing new. MMO's centered around creating your own superheroes aren't exactly fresh, either. We've been playing games like City of Heroes and Champions Online for the past five years, so what makes DC Universe Online any different? Well, it's in the name isn't it? This is the first properly licensed superhero online game to grace both computers and consoles. Not only can you quest in dungeons with fellow user-created heroes, but you'll also be fighting alongside the likes of Superman, The Flash, Lex Luthor and the Joker. For fans of the DC Universe, as well as those with only a casual knowledge of it (which thanks to the Batman and Superman movies encompasses most of the global population), this may be enough to sell you on the game. But will you have any fun playing it?

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Rynx2819d ago

This game is an 8 in my book

gorebago2819d ago

It is pretty good but I agree with him that once you reach level 30 and do a couple of the new missions, it loses steam. I haven't touched it at all since Mass Effect 2 came out and I was all about this game since I bought it.

I'm an xp junkie.