Thanks for the XBL Price Hike MS.(Insert Sarcasm Here) I See the Value Now

Feed Your Console Says:

We all know that Microsoft raised the price of it’s wildly popular online gaming service by $10 for a years subscription. Sure it doesn’t seem like much and to most people they don’t care because they see a value in it.

XBL is without a doubt the most seamless and robust of the services available on today’s console but where exactly is this money going to? They like to point out all the fancy features that have been added to the network so let’s have a quick looksee at these features.

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MegaMohsi2824d ago

I can play on dedicated servers for free on pc so no thanks MS.

ksense2824d ago

come on guys black ops map pack is released on xbox first!! that justifies the price hike /s

BattleAxe2824d ago

Well when I can get a similar, and in my opinion a better experience on PS3 and Steam, then paying for the only online service that has a subscription doesn't make sense. Heck, even the Wii and GFWL are free.

gamingdroid2824d ago

Then go play there!

Obviously million of others have no problem paying the fee repeatedly and enjoying Xbox Live.

Persistantthug2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

That's partially why the XBOX LIVE fee went up.

MegaMohsi2824d ago

yeah millions of suckers.

deadreckoning6662824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

"I’m sure I forgot something somewhere so feel free to add to my list of exciting features that have been added to Xbox Live that surely must justify spending $60+ per year on a service that’s free in other places."

XBL has been overpriced for since the 360 launched...and Microsoft knows it. They do it because they CAN. They know that the majority of their users are uninformed and even the ones that know that they are being ripped off STILL don't have many other options because there not just going to sell their 360 and their entire library and get nickels for what they sell to Gamestop.

I know people who are on their 4th 360 right now...and don't complain. I find it it crazy, but apparently some people REALLY love XBL.

Unless the majority of 360 users band together and stop paying for XBL(will never happen), Microsoft has free reign to jack up the price to even $70 a year. Kind of a sticky situation.

UnwanteDreamz2824d ago

I don't know because I have never used it for more than a few minutes at my buddies. Looking at the numbers you would think they have alot of satisfied customers.

For that reason part of me feels like it has to be worth the price.

If it isn't then okay, but man it is popular.

gamingdroid2824d ago

Overpricing is dependent on demand and supply. If your demand is higher than your supply, and it is not selling then it is overpriced.

At this point, Xbox 360 are selling like hotcakes and you are speaking nonsense. If there was a device that is overpriced, it is the PS3 because clearly it isn't selling!

Almost anything will sell if you price it low enough!

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

1. The author is Canadian so his point is invalid.

2. Sure, a price hike sucks regardless of what the product is but let's not forget that XBL is a "Service" and not a "Network".

People play WoW and have no problem paying a monthly subscription fee and I'm sure other MMO players are baffled by that. I mean why pay for something when you can get it for free elsewhere?

"I'm sure I forgot something somewhere so feel free to add to my list of exciting features that have been added to Xbox Live that surely must justify spending $60+ per year on a service that's free in other places."

I understand that you are Canadian but that is no excuse, you cannot possible be this dense IRL. If think the cost of XBL is simply there for new "features" then you should really read a book?

Other than making a few extra bucks off people dumb enough to pay for XBL, XBL actually costs money to maintain. Sony have even adopted a similar model called "PSN+" to help cover the costs of the PSN. Do you think things like;

Increasing XBLA game filesizes
Games on demand
Xbox Live Indie Games
XBLM integration on
Demo's for all XBLA games

Are just created and do not cost anything to maintain? You do realize that the more a community/content grows in size the more it costs? MS are putting out features to justify the "frontend" of XBL ie: the end user experience, but that is only half the story as most of the magic happens behind the scenes.

Before Sony announced PSN+ they were struggling to maintain the PSN, so much so that they had to charge publishers a bandwidth fee for all DLC even free DLC:

Crazay2824d ago

Perhaps they need to have a 3 tier model. I don't care for XBL Arcade games and I never download demos. Perhaps the solution is to go with Silver, gold and platinum service levels for people who could care less about demos.

DigitalRaptor2824d ago

A pathetic attempt... and there's no need to be insulting!

The most basic feature of XBL is what should be free, and yet M$ charge for it because they know they can. Everything else, they could get away with charging for because that offers the consumer somewhat of a choice, but paying for online play should not be mandatory, especially when it runs P2P rather than from dedicated servers.

MMOs charge monthly because they offer a constant stream of updates and free content that is always worth the cost of subscription. XBL doesn't offer this.

And to be honest, I don't think you really know much about PSN. PS+ is a fully optional layer to PSN which offers free exclusive content and discounts on PSN items. It's completely different to the way in which M$ holds your online gameplay for ransom.

People wouldn't be nearly as hostile towards them regarding XBL, if they didn't charge for the basics of online play.

BattleAxe2824d ago

And since you're not Canadian your opinion means zip zero squat.

UnwanteDreamz2824d ago

1. The author is Canadian so his point is invalid?

Wow, opinions being valid or invalid depend apon the country you live in now?

MrBeatdown2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

"Sony have even adopted a similar model called "PSN+" to help cover the costs of the PSN."

PS+ = Pay Sony $50 and you get 48 games per year plus a variety of themes, avatars, betas, and discounts at no additional charge. (12 PSN games, 12 PS1 classics, 24 minis).

XBL = Pay Microsoft $60 a year and you get to play games online that you already paid for, and use services like Netflix that you already paid for.

You keep on rattling on about how it cost money to maintain XBL. Sony seems to be doing just fine without charging me to access content I already paid for and inundating me with advertisements.

MrBeatdown2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

3 Disagress = 3 people just disagreed with fact.

SixZeroFour2824d ago

the year sub for canadians didnt even go up cause we were always paying the price americans are paying now...only the month subs went up for canadians

despair2824d ago

LMAO @M4ndat0ry_1nstall

firstly PS+ (not PSN+) is nothing even remotely or related to XB live gold membership. And additionally its optional, meaning zero people could subscribe to it if they wanted.

Secondly comparing MMO fees to XBL fees is not logical, even if you wanted to do that then Sony would be like a free MMO, not the micro transaction model but like if they let you play WoW for free. If a company like sony can do that then why can't MS, and yet they do charge and have the balls to increase that charge.

Thirdly and tied to the last one ,most if not all the things you mentioned and more (like play tv, netflix etc.)are available to PSN users for free not just "gold members", so sony shoulders the cost instead of differing it to customers and they certainly don't tax their loyal fanbase even more for nothing substantial.

Oh and referencing an article by Jim Lee 2 years old as "proof" that Sony was "struggling" to maintain the PSN, really? No proof, no sources other than "unnamed sources on MTV" and of course they get money for each game on PSN, its a business after all. You think MS puts up demos, games etc. on XBLA for free? Please.

Remember that problem with Beyond good and Evil(or Stranger Wrath, can't remember which) not being small enough for XBLA, it got sorted out but that problem was not there on PSN and that service is free.

xstation792824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Mandatory: I'm sorry but everything you just said is reasonable and people on this site don't do reasonable. We would rather just bitch about everything Microsoft, and praise everything sony. Paying $15 a month for one game (DC Universe) is well worth it, but paying $60 a year for a great service, thats just stupid, unless of course its for sony.

Crazay2824d ago

Don't even get me started on the DCUO cost per month. What an effin ripoff that is.

DigitalRaptor2823d ago

MMO subscription models work just fine on PC without people yelling "RIP OFF!"

You must be a console only gamer who thinks they are entitled to everything. You mustn't understand the structure of MMOs.

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NYC_Gamer2824d ago

my xbl account will remain silver

ReBurn2824d ago

Value is a relative thing. People will pay for it if they find it valuable. My account is a free account.

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