Sony's Latest Security Patch: Is it More Helpful Than Annoying?

GP's Social Manager, Liztress writes, "If you're a PlayStation 3 owner or even a follower of the latest gaming news, then it is likely you have heard of George "Geohot" Hotz. While his actions are nothing new in the world of technology, he has garnered a lot of attention by hacking into a system that had been previously thought to have been impenetrable. To counter his releasing of the PlayStation 3's root key, Sony has mandated a firmware update to patch up the security holes that he uncovered. Console owners have given mixed responses on Sony's actions. Some feel that it's the legitimate players who suffer from the updates. Others commend Sony for stepping up and doing what is needed to stop hackers from running homebrew and pirated games. I can see the reasoning behind both sides..."

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gamesR4fun2821d ago

commend Sony for stepping up

ComboBreaker2821d ago

More annoying for hackers.

I_find_it_funny2820d ago

I don't mind security updates.

hay2820d ago

I don't mind, my PS3 owning buddies don't mind. Cheaters and pirates mind. Which obviously means: good job Sony.

darkdoom30002820d ago

Im amazed sony managed to re-secure the PSN.
With the response system inplace (but inactive as of yet) they can see what consoles are hacked and ban them.

And cfw cannot do anything to stop this. the code execution runs in hardware level.

using that and the new keys (meaning new games cannot be pirated) sony have made short work of the overflow

beavis4play2820d ago

no problems with what sony is doing - and anyone who is a legitimate gamer/consumer should be happy that sony is doing anything they can aganist these cheats/thiefs.

BrutallyBlunt2820d ago

Sony has a right to protect their own devices and their own online services. It is also their duty to protect the integrity of both because of the reliance of 3rd party support.

Yes it a a bit annoying to have to download yet another update that virtually has little benefits to us all but i am supportive of Sony's stance to keep the services such as PSN on a level playing field. I am also supportive to keep piracy down since it costs all of us in the end. I just wish the download process was quicker but it's a small price to pay for what the system offers as a whole.

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SeanScythe2821d ago

I support sony on this 100% I san ban all them MOFO's and brick their systems.

TheShow012821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

That's the way it should be and I said this before but I'm gonna say it again .... Fuck You GeoHotz

Shuklar2820d ago

brick their homes and families too for all I care lol

Raoh2820d ago

I'm torn.

I dont want hackers being able to get online and ruining online play for legit gamers.

But I'm all for jailbreaking hardware to do more with it. xmbc type stuff, original games, private servers for those that like to play hacked games (think socom ps2 days and rooms with passwords for those that want to exploit glitches)

I find this no different from back in the day when dvd players were still new and we could install new firmwares to allow cdr and dvdr play.

JD_Shadow2820d ago

THANK YOU! Bubbles up for a post that, FINALLY, injects some much needed common sense into this debate.

I think Sony should stop pirates and cheaters, but keep the modders that want to do things like play homemade games (I'm wondering why the author of this article mentioned homebrew games as something Sony should want to stop, myself; how is playing homebrew games a BAD thing?) and add some additional functionality to the system in mind (remember, if Valve didn't support the mod community, games like Portal (as awesome as that game is on its own) and the L4D games wouldn't get the additional maps and weird things added to them). Not all hackers are criminals.

Hell, without the hack/mod community, I wouldn't be able to use stuff like Deadly Boss Mods and IceHUD in World of Warcraft that helps me out a BUNCH in dungeon fights and raid bosses.

What I'm saying is, people shouldn't be so prejudiced. I love my PS3 and what Sony has done for it as much as the next PS3 gamer, but I cannot disagree more with how Sony is handling this. If I use a jailbreak to cheat online in GT5, then fine! You have every justification to ban me. But if I just want to play something a friend made for me to play, then what's the harm in that?

TheTruth892820d ago

you know that what you want is 100% impossibile?
it's like a world full of love, no violence, no bad action, only pure fucking love :D

too good to be true... and since this is impossibile there only one thing to do... BAN!

Super-Brad2820d ago


What Sony could do though, is fix the security leaks and to give freedom to homebrew community with Sony developing a PS3's version of XNA but give it out for free, which would allow them to make small playable games on any system.

Just my thoughts on the idea, because I would be up for developing a game through this method as I would modify my PS3 just to develop homebrew, except I don't want to break anything, be illegal in any shape or form or lose out from PSN.

Also FYI: I have not hacked my PS3 and do not condone in hacking.

kneon2820d ago

Actually it's not impossible. Since the PS3 is also a bluray player it also has a JVM. They could have opened up access to the JVM for homebrew applications. They could easily limit the available resources for such applications so that they won't be able to compete with their own games but still offer enough to do interesting things.

TheTruth892819d ago

this was possibile with otherOS.

but because of a very gay guy (geohotz) sony removed it.

Enigma_20992820d ago


You can inject whipped cream into this for all I care, the bad outweighs the good no matter how you look at it. Even if you ARE telling the truth about just wanting to play homebrew games... although why you need to go as far as cracking the PS3 to run games that the PS3 would laugh at on it's worst day... there are too many people out there abusing this to justify your position in this argument.

Frankly, I'm getting pretty sick of this line, myself. I'm gonna go ahead and say it. I don't believe these wonderful homebrew games exist. All of you keep talking about them, and how they alone justify the hack, but to this very day haven't shown us a SINGLE... D***... GAME. As far as Valve, why bring them up? It took them a while to get their heads out of their asses to support the PS3, anyway...

PS: wow... you cheat at WOW... WHO'S SURPRISED? I don't care what you call it, IT'S CHEATING.

beavis4play2820d ago

yea, these people keep talking about the GREAT games being done with homebrew on ps3 - where is this "great" stuff that is not connected to stealing and piracy.

and dark - what IS this great stuff your friend made for you? also, when you say you "use stuff" in should say what you're REALLY doing - CHEATING. so, you're a cheater........and this kind of thing is just one of the issues i hope sony keeps from happening in ps3 games. you want to cheat? go back to WoW and keep ruining that game for honest players.

JD_Shadow2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

@Enigma_2099: So...I'm not allowed to use something that Blizzard SUPPORTS? Are you kidding me? Look at one of the interface tools Blizzard implemented into Cataclysm: the icons that appear in the center of the screen when one of your abilities are available to use. That idea was first used by an add-on called Power Auras. They added their own because add-ons take up system memory when you run the game (popular add-ons don't take up that much, if any). But if they thought using them were cheating, then why implement those ideas to their own core game?

And why bring these people up (or Valve)? Umm...they support mod communities that they make no money from? And I've already told you why we haven't seen any homemade games yet! Why do we have to keep saying the same point over and over again? Hell, why even try to dismiss it as a valid point? Why do I have to ask?

@beavis4play: 1) I'm talking out of hypotheticals! I'm hoping you know what I mean there.
2) Have you actually done any research at all as to what it is you're talking about? Honest players in WoW have used the what you call "cheating", and these very add-ons are available for everyone (which, again, has been documented as being allowed by Blizzard themselves, so I'm not seeing how simple research would not make you think otherwise). I'm sure every single WoW player is laughing at you and Enigma after reading that! Do some research about what I'm talking about before you come here spewing judgments at people so quickly!

In fact, I don't know if you know what cheating actually IS.

Enigma_20992818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )


After discussing it further with a friend, who explained ONE of them, I have to retract my opinion of the Deadly Boss mod... now explain how IceHUD works and if you can show THAT one doesn't allow you to cheat at the game, I'll retract my statement of that one too.

As for the rest of your comment... one question... how is CRACKING THE PS3 the only way these homemade games can be made/played in your opinion?

Why do I keep repeating this? I'm hoping someday, YOU'LL GET IT. If homebrew really was the only thing hackers were doing with this, do you really think we'd be at this point?

phinch2820d ago

I don't get how the update can be annoying? it doesn't effect my games or the way my systems runs or the way.........oh where on about how annoying it is for cheaters and hackers? good they deserve it.

SilverSlug2820d ago

Its cuz most these people have to take 10 mins out of their busy day to spend months and months coding how to run pirated software and ruin online games. They are busy people living in their mom's basement.

DigitalAnalog2820d ago

What's annoying is that there is always some flamebaiting sites who constantly make a big deal out of every single FW update.

-End of Line

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