Killzone 3: Behind The Scenes

Spanning more than 70 minutes of cutscene footage, the Killzone 3 single player campaign boasts a breathtaking storyline brought to life by some of Hollywood’s finest talents. In this sneak peek at the Killzone 3: Behind The Scenes featurette, which is part of the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition extras, Guerrilla reveals how real-life actors were transformed into virtual characters.

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malyn2821d ago

one of the best FPS games
really nice gameplay the story looks brillent the graphics OMG
first day buy

MerkinMax2821d ago

I can not wait to play this game in less than 1 month!!!

Tuxedoassassin2821d ago

I have to agree, KZ3 looks epic and i really like more focus on story and cinematic. :)
Can´t wait for it.

Blackdeath_6632821d ago

i cant w8 for th beta to open for all, and i cant w8 for the game too come out thats all good, but more importantly i just broke my hand and i really cant w8 to get that fixed before i can even touch my ps3

ABizzel12821d ago

Look at the graphics. Now I like graphics, but I don't consider myself a graphics whore, but my goodness this game is beautiful.

gijsbrecht2821d ago

Looks good. I think I'm not going to follow any more of these clips or reviews for that matter. I'll just wait for my Helghast edition to arrive to play it without any further spoilers.

BABY-JEDI2821d ago

I hope so, cause the Killzone universe story wise has not really been given justice. The potential is enormous. ; )

ugabugaz2821d ago

Definately agree with you there. I read everything on the website and damn it sure is detailed. If they can plop all of that info in the game it would be lovely, no?

BABY-JEDI2821d ago

I mentioned a while back the book Stalingrad by Antony Beevor which covers the WW2 campaign. Amazing book, very insightful about the hardships of war. Taken into the context of Killzone univers would be mind blowing.

lh_swe2821d ago

Can't wait, it looks amazing!

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The story is too old to be commented.