What Will Happen to the DS After the 3DS Launches? []

The Nintendo DS system is one of the most popular handhelds in gaming and has garnered a massive consumer base since its release. What will happen to Nintendo's current dual screen powerhouse when the 3DS launches?

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Warprincess1162823d ago

It obviously gone to be abandoned. The 3ds is basically a ds with 3d. So developers are gone to jump on that gimmick and start making a bunch of games for it. So i think the ds will stop getting games. I think developers who are currently designing a game for the ds will just port it to the 3ds. The ds will most likely become the ps2

TheSanchezDavid2823d ago

Well, the PS2 has managed to stick around long after the launch of the PS3, so if that's the fate of the DS, then we can expect to see it in stores for years to come.

firefoxprime2822d ago

Well hopefully Nintendo will keep their promise, and localize some stellar Japanese DS games. Tales series for example.

TheSanchezDavid2822d ago

@firefoxprime: I really hope so. There are so many amazing franchises in Japan that never see the light of day in North America, both on the DS and the Wii.

CDbiggen2823d ago

*sigh* I love my DS, shame that it's getting replaced by something that can barely play 5 hours with 3D off and brightness down and just charges you money for the same games you've already bought.

eagle212822d ago

it will continue to sell people until it reaches an level of sales sony and ms will never achieve...175-200 million! lol