Killzone 3: The Best Shooter Since Half Life 2? [HD VIDEO]

GB: "With Guerilla Game’s flagship FPS franchise seeing its third major release (excluding Killzone: Liberation) next month, now seems like a better time than ever to consider what to expect from Killzone 3. It’s also a perfect time to make outrageous comparisons to previous games that have influenced and revolutionized the genre and to consider if the release of Killzone 3 can live up to their legacy."

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SnakeMustDie2819d ago

No, It is a great game on its own right.

gameseveryday2819d ago

I Think Valve had the amazing steam distribution technology that made sure Half Life 2 would reach to even a gamer in a garage.

Not sure whether Killzone 3 will have that kind of reach.

To be honest, NO.

Istanbull2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

No it cannot become the best shooter since HL2. Why? Its on the PS3, games on this console are nitpicked like never seen before in history.

There was even a PS3 exclusive, I forgot wich, but it got a negative score for: "too much variety"

Neckbear2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )


Oh, here we go with the silly, idiotic "conspiracy" theories.

Come on.

P.S.: Good review scores don't make good games, bro. And it's the same the other way around.

And, by last, in reply to the article's title, no. Half-Life 2 is on a completly different level.

pangitkqb2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Passing judgement on a game you haven't played is ridiculous. If you haven't played Killzone 3, how can you make any claims for or against its quality in comparison to Half Life 2?

People who claim it is not better are EVERY BIT as foolish as those who claim it will be better.


Let Killzone 3 stand on its own. And yes, HL2 is a great game.

karl2819d ago

too much variety? haha i think it was ratchet and clank a crack in time... if im not mistaken..

vickers5002819d ago


No, it was Tools of Destruction.

ABizzel12819d ago

The thing I'm most interested in is the story. It seems like they may actually have a good story. Something missing in just about every FPS.

Inside_out2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I haven't played KZ 3 yet...who has but in regards to Half-life, EVERYBODY knows that game deserves every inch of the pedestal it's been placed on.

The only game that I've played that really strikes me as being in the same league...well...actually there is more than one that come to mind...Resident Evil 4, Prince of Persia: sands of time, Mario Sunshine and Bioshock. Now that I think about it, there is quite a few games over the years that strike a gamer as timeless.

Military type of shooters are alot of fun but they tend to be one sided. Get from point A to point B. Sure, there's some leveling up and weapons to unlock but few if any offer the story and game play that other games offer.

In the end it's all subjective. Some people think Starcraft or WOW are the best things each his own I guess BUT never say this game or that game is the best...that's just a bit pooh

SnuggleBandit2819d ago

God all this site is capable of writing is flaimbait CRAP! Just go away, your site sucks rashid.

ComboBreaker2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

many GotY Awards,
and many FPS GotY Awards,
as well as recived many critical acclaims,
and great reviews,

I can say with 100% certainty that Killzone 3 will be the best FPS since Half Life 2.

And yes, it is true that Halo Reach stole jetpacks from Warhawk.

MysticStrummer2819d ago

The reach of a game has nothing to do with it's quality, but I do agree that KZ3 won't be the best shooter since HL2.

NateCole2819d ago

Apart from being FPS.

Both games are very very very different. Killzone is about the theater of war. Half life is a much more personal game with interesting puzzles. They really can't be compared.

STONEY42818d ago

"Well, seeing as how Killzone 2 won
many GotY Awards,
and many FPS GotY Awards,
as well as recived many critical acclaims,
and great reviews,

I can say with 100% certainty that Killzone 3 will be the best FPS since Half Life 2."

No. Uncharted 2 won most of the 2009 GOTY awards. And Half-Life 2 won 39 GOTY awards from major sites and publications in 2004. Yes, 39.

And with awards and scores out of the way, please play Half-Life 2. It's about 20 hours long, has an INSANE amount of variety in areas, gameplay, and set pieces. It's out of the league of most games today. Episode 1 was okay, Episode 2 is just as amazing as Half-Life 2.

ExplosionSauce2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

First of all, Half-Life 2 is a lot more versatile. It's not a straight up shooter/FPS. It's more of a FPV(First-Person View) adventure game.

Killzone 3 is a pure First-Person Shooter(with a good back-story I hear). Half-life is not.

They're way too different to compare and the people doing so are foolish.

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visualb2819d ago

ugh don't over hype it it'll be awesome

let it be itself though

moparful992819d ago

First of all let me start out by saying that half life 2 is a good game.. But to me it's not as God like as people make it out to be.. I'm not much of a shooter fan so this may be why half life 2 didn't blow me away.. But Killzone 2 was one of the only shooters I could seriously get into. Into was gritty, visceral, gorgeous, and challenging.. I loved every minute of it.. So I'm stoked about killzone 3. I could care less what reviewers think of kz3 because it will be a day one purchase for me..

NateCole2819d ago

It really does depend on the type of game you like. Half-life is ahead of its time because of its attention to details and it was quite different from other FPS. Still to this day. Half-life is more intimate and personal imo which is different from most other FPS that is about an all out war.

DigitalAnalog2819d ago

I prefer to call it an "immersive" First-person platformer with a gun. Because that's what it feels like.

-End of Line

Shadowolf2819d ago

Great point! Half-Life 2 is a strong story narrative driven shooter not along the lines of the traditional FPS genre. This is in fact why HL2 offers a unique shooter experience. However, unique doesn't always equate to better.

gman_moose2818d ago

That commentary was all over the place. The title of the article is hyping up KZ3 to possibly be the best shooter since Half Life 2. At the end, he said it should "hopefully be one of the best shooters in 2011". Call me crazy but there aren't many notable FPS games coming out in 2011, so for KZ3 to be "one of the best" isn't saying much. On the other hand, "one of the best since HL2" would mean something.

What a mess that was. Waste of 7 mins of my time.

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divinediva2819d ago

well, to start off that is a very bold comparison to Begin with but the author does makes sense. Killzone 3 wont be that genre breaking as Half Life 2 was.

OpiZA2819d ago

I don't think even Guerilla would be arrogant enough to make that statement.

Haven't played KZ3 but it does look great, both can stand on their own two feet but like divinediva said, KZ3 won't be genre breaking

Dr-Zoidberg2819d ago

That is the thing GG never claim to be the best FPS developers around. It is articles like this that give games too much hype. People make their own assumptions based on previews that goes for me you and journalists. If the masses choose to believe something is the second coming then fine but don't get upset when game reviews come and all is not perfect.

In other words don't get on the hype train!

I think KZ3 will be a great game in its own right and an improvement over the 2nd one (which is what matters to me) I don't compare games to each other, if a game is good by its own right then its a good game. But I wouldn't go as to far as calling the best shooter since HL2

OpiZA2818d ago

Well said rysher & madpuppy. Coudn't agree more

madpuppy2818d ago

you know, If the games has a good story, solid controls and well done levels the game doesn't have to "beat' or even compare to HL2. It just has to be fun, frenetic and be able to hold your interest till the very end.

halocursed2819d ago

I am really hyped up for Killzone 3, if it even comes close to the legendary status that HL2 has achieved, I would say job well done Guerrilla Games!!

theonlylolking2819d ago

Half life 2 is not a good game. I say COD4 is wayy better than half life.

Fishy Fingers2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

HL2 single player is unmatched, especially by anything COD. Admittedly, COD MP is much better than HL2:DM.

"Not a good game", right...

theonlylolking2819d ago

Its not or since it was hyped as the greatest FPS ever and when I played a hour of it I was very disappointed. Now that I think of it. It probably isnt a bad game and is a good game just it was overhyped.

Eyeco2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"I played a hour of it..."

wow ok not only have you shot yourself in the foot there, it clear to me that you have no idea how expansive Half-Life 2 is, unlike COD4 which can be beat in 2-3 hours, half life will take anywhere between 15-20 hours on its 1st play through,

play 15 minutes of COD and you've seen everything that game has to offer play 1 hour of HL2 and you've only just began to scratch the surface you probably didn't even finish the 1st Chapter to be honest. The game goes on and on , and thanks to the genious level design you neevr feel like your doing the same thing over and pver again like COD.

So next time you try to pass judgements on a game actually finish it.