EA - "Wii will retail for around $170"

Speaking exclusively to, executive VP and COO of EA's worldwide studios, David Gardner, has revealed that the publisher believes the console will retail for around US $170 in North America.

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specialguest5372d ago (Edited 5372d ago )

damn! a pricetag of $200 was beyond good enough, but $170?!? amazing. this is still just rumors though.

Schmitty075372d ago

Nintendo continues to deliver.

CAPS LOCK5372d ago

the console if it is 170, is a cheap ass bargain.

first time nintendo been up on the top bit of the page...and y is ea anouncing it? shouldn't it be nintendo.

oribis5372d ago

Well the rumor started a while ago that the Nintendo would cost around 170US in Japan and were merely bringing the same price to the US. Fact that its coming from a real publisher actually gives some credibility to the rumor, albeit, its a rumor until Nintendo confirms it.

BIadestarX5372d ago

I think the price is right. Even at that price; I'm sure Nintendo is making a profit; they are not known to sell consoles cheaper than its production cost. Besides you don't have to be a genius to see this; how much hardware can you fit in that tiny box? I just hope Nintendo makes enough; this will sell like hot cakes.

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The story is too old to be commented.