Shuhei Yoshida NGP System Walkthrough - 1up

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida gives a personal walkthrough of the just announced NGP.

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B-Real2062820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Any guesses if this will be a region free device?

Those analog sticks look awesome! Gonna need a case for sure but....MAN, I am sold! It's a beautiful device. Price is probably going to kill me as I'd want the 3G version bad enough that I'm not going to renew my contract with sprint. I'm going to wait for more info before anything but I will start saving now!

Undeadwolfy2820d ago

I reckon they'll be region locked but judging by region free PS3's, I may be wrong.

B-Real2062820d ago

The original PSP is wasn't locked, I just want to hear peoples opinions on the subject.

SasanovaS19872820d ago

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Ryudo2820d ago

Either that Japanese guy is really really small or that device ain't very portable what so ever.

ABizzel12819d ago

Thank you.

A personal demonstration of the device. It looks great, and it's not as big as I thought (big, but not that big). Controls and everything like great. I'm really happen with the showing of this product, now pricing, pricing of games, launch games, and other little notes that were absent need to be unveiled at E3 to guarantee a Day 1 purchase.

I'm waiting on the 3DS lite, because there's nothing there for me on Day 1 and hopefully they'll be able to extend the battery life of the 3DS when the lite comes out. But the NGP may be a Day 1 purchase for me if it cost $299, games stay at $40, and it has a decent line-up of launch titles.

ComboBreaker2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

So glossy and shiny.

And for those people wondering if you can fit it inside your pocket. The answer is no, unless you're a very fat kid with a big pant.

But then again, you're not suppose to put it pocket.
You're suppose to put a chain on it and hang it from your neck, like a bling bling, ganster rapper style.

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JusenkyoGuide2820d ago

Sony won't make it region locked. they never do.

SasanovaS19872820d ago

they never said it was a phone. dunno what there is to renew :X correct me if im wrong

Undeadwolfy2819d ago

I think this is how we will know. The original PSP used UMD (Universal Media Disc), if this uses "UCS" (universal card storage) I think we and Sony will be on to a winner. Region lock wont bother me much but look at it this way. Alot of games on the PS3 that come out in Japan are bought in other countries due to region free. Im guessing that there will be alot of Japan exclusive games maybe on the UCS (just the name im giving it), that people will import so im more set on it being region free.


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Raendom2820d ago

Do the sticks click? (L3, R3 buttons?)

B-Real2062820d ago

I was wondering that as well, lot of unanswered questions still.

Masterchef20072819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

probably not. Talking about unanswered questions.

Will the NGP support SDHD?

Malebaria2820d ago

Indeed,here´s hoping for L3 & R3.

Undeadwolfy2819d ago

What do you feel about dualshock or force feedback in it? Would it be a possibility? or a good option? There are some mods that people have made for the original PSP with vibration...

Malebaria2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

It´d definitely add to the overall immersion. I´m not holding my breath for it though,unfortunately. The price surely will be high as it is right now.
Dualshock support is pretty much a given as well,seeing the PSP Go supports it already.

Lazyeye792820d ago

Kinda bummed that it doesn't include internal storage of its own. Other than that it looks awesome. Will be day one for me if i have the money lol.

Joni-Ice2819d ago

They never said if it did or didnt have a internal storage. Some spec were not mentioned.

C0MPUT3R2819d ago

The specs are not finalized, heck the external build isn't even finalized.
I would be shocked if it didn't have at least 16gb of internal storage.

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