Portal 2: 'It expands on everything in the original'

CVG: Portal represents a kind of success rarely seen in the world of video games today. While most well-renowned titles are continuations of already established, money-spinning franchises, it's becoming increasingly difficult for new IPs to have any impact on the industry whatsoever - especially when they're as off-the-wall (literally) as Valve's creation.

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PixlSheX2824d ago

Portal 2's ending credits must be as awesome as Portal 1's.
You know.. still alive song.

Raendom2824d ago

This and LA Noire tie for my most anticipated 3rd party games cannot wait. Valve never disappoint (well, except when it comes to HL3).

DaReapa2824d ago

CVG: "Who do you see as your competition?"

Chet Faliszek: "We don't really think of it that way, we just look at what we like and worry about that. We're our first customers; we don't look at what someone else is doing and allow it to influence us."

Man, this needs to be echoed throughout the industry. Need more visionaries.

Zinc2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

My thought on this is they can have this philosophy, because they are a private company and not owned by anyone else. It's a lot easier to be that way when you own yourself and what you produce.

We need more private companies that are not locked in to contract with or owned outright by megapublishers.

Of course, for example, in Blizzard's case, they had all the leverage from the beginning, so they worked out a very autonomous deal with Activision.

Zinc2824d ago

"Obviously Valve will always be dedicated to PC, a lot of people talk about concerns with the PC market, is it in trouble?

No. It's thriving. Look at Minecraft, one dude up in Sweden sold a million copies of his game. You can do that because of how open the platform is. If you make a game that can run on people's systems they're going to play it."


"How have the recent PS3 hacks been received from the developer side, is it a concern?

No concern for us. We'll be fine. Bad for them, I mean, you know, no one likes to see that but we have no concern, we're not worried about it for Portal being on the PS3.

Do you think you can still protect your software and its integrity?

I don't think it's going to have any impact at all. "

My response:

Exactly, on both counts.

Kon2824d ago

I'm in the last level of portal. Man this game is so good.

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