Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Competition Launched – ‘I love the smell of n00bs in the morning’

Electronic Arts has revealed an all-new competition for Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam players on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Players can win a number of fantastic prizes, including a trip to Sweden to meet the developers of the Battlefield franchise, DICE, simply by doing what they do best: claiming dog tags from their fallen opponents.

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kevco332872d ago

'I love the smell of BACON in the morning’

MintBerryCrunch2872d ago

my wife says that if i watch anymore Kevin Bacon, I might turn into Kevin Bacon

*crosses fingers*

Xfanboy2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

lol why no pc??

femshep2872d ago

they did an awesome job with vietnam......unlike other games
i especially like the screen filter to give it that old feel

GLoRyKnoT2872d ago

Luvs me sum Nam! I will be winning this.

femshep2872d ago

well should bring me if its a trip for two =p

GLoRyKnoT2872d ago

Deal :) This is gonna be awesome!

earbus2872d ago

No smoke grenades is a bit of a fail its just become sniper fest my only complaint in the game was smoke used in nam hell yeah.