Why the future of gaming is with the Xbox 360

"While we are starting to approach a refresh of game consoles, the current generation will help determine where we will be headed. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are attempting to come out with new products and innovations that will propel their ideas forward, giving them a head start. This battle has not ended.."

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Istanbull2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

My 360 just died, it didnt RROD on me but it got 2 flashing red lights, I don't even get an error screen. Sucks that I am not part of the 54,2% xbox userbase that got RROD, I would've got 3 years warranty.

Lol read this:

"Now, we all know that the Kinect is a motion gaming device that requires absolutely no controllers, unlike the Wii and PS3. It is a giant leap forward in the gaming world, and it will revolutionize the next generation of consoles"

Eyetoy came out in 2003, its basically the same thing except Kinect is far more advanced. It is not a leap forward in gaming, rather back.

Motion gaming is fun while it lasts. Microsoft doesn't care for the hardcore gamers anymore. They could've opened so many studios with that money they spent on Kinect, Kinect commercials, GTA 4 50 million$ deal, timed exclusives, timed DLC exclusives etc.

I hope next generation Sega comes back, Sega+Nintendo+Sony=WIN

Istanbull2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"Along with the Kinect, they have the Xbox Live network. Although it is not free, the reliability and speed is much more than that of the Playstation Network. The XBL player base is also very loyal, and will eat up content delivered to them via XBL. "

Really? An honest question, is Live much more reliable and faster than PSN? In what ways is it faster and more reliable? I want to know.

I've had no problems or lag using PSN, it works fine. I've never had connectivity issues.

These speculations from Xbox users need to stop, just because PSN is free doesn't mean it sucks, they're used to pay 60 bucks a year.

Shadow Flare2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"Really? An honest question, is Live much more reliable and faster than PSN? In what ways is it faster and more reliable? I want to know."

It's faster because it uses peer-to-peer networking and it's more reliable because like history shows, the whole of Live went under for 2 weeks during Christmas in 2008.

Oh wait.......

Yeah I know, some people think psn is some dinosaur network system. Yet they on live PAY to use a dinosaur peer-to-peer network while me, for FREE play games on dedicated servers.

For years I played warhawk, a 32 player game, dedicated servers, and lag was never, ever an issue. Also, never had the issue of the game ending because the host quit, because there is no host. Also had no issue with host advantage. And also had no issue with screaming, racist, bigots and stupid kids. I just laugh at people who put down psn. They only do it to make themselves feel good about paying for live. Whatever. I'm sure their money and the toilet are great friends by now

Oh, MAG is a 256 player game isn't it? All that for free as well? My my. What a good network.

If xbox live is so good in it's features, Microsoft should make the online gaming free, and do a premium package for the extra features. But if that happened, you just watch the subscriptions plummet. 99% of the reason people pay for xbox live is to play online. If they could play for free, most people wouldn't bother with Gold. But whatever. Their money. Their toilet.

ksense2819d ago


You hit the nail on the head. well said bubs+

If service is so good I want Microsoft to make the online free and see if people really want to pay for all the rest of the stuff!!! I bet about half or more their subscribers will be gone but hey we will never know!! The reason people pay is because you HAVE to in order to play any game online.

Mr_Bun2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"Future of gaming" and "Xbox 360" don't belong in the same sentence.

LoVeRSaMa2819d ago

The NGP is coming out this year?

Sony have confirmed the future of gaming.

Venatus-Deus2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

All you need to known is that the highest rated game on this site is Black Ops with 10/10

They have never given a perfect score to any other game.

Seriously... lol

blitz06232819d ago

How the hell is the xbox the future if all MS does is for itself and not the gaming industry

lastdual2819d ago

You're all wrong!

The Future of Gaming (TM) is with the SNES!

Krypto2819d ago

LMAO at the headline....anyways I know 3 ppl at work who owned a 360 and bought a PS3 Jan 2010.. what I don't get is why all of a sudden they're all bashing 360?

I_find_it_funny2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

coming from

Moentjers2818d ago


all I see is that a lot of ps2 owners are starting to get a ps3. never forget that the mass still has to upgrade. I guess Sony has the games to sell the console in 2011.

DERKADER2818d ago

Getting PS3 fanboys all worked up is like shooting fish in a barrel. You guys just fall for it every time. You guys don't even know how dumb you look always coming to the defense of a system that needs no defense. The PS3 is a great consoles.

plenty a tool2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

shadow flare, just shut up ffs. both networks have dedicated servers and peer-to-peer. i have both consoles, use both on-line and am happy to pay for live, and am happy to pay nothing for the ps3

you are just another annoying fanboy that throws himself in the defense of sony everytime i see you post. how can gaming be faster on one network over another????? if it was the case, then the slower one would be unplayable.

if you are talking about updates, then yeah live slaughters the psn in the speed of its downloads.... perhaps thats because its peer-to-peer lol you talk out of your arse. microsoft must its updates for a few consoles, then let the peer-to-peer network do its

i wish that you fanboys would just throw yourselves off of big buildings.

Mr_Bun2818d ago


You sure live up to your name

BattleAxe2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Why someone would pay for XBOX LIVE is beyond me, especially when you can get a similar experience on Steam and PS3 for free. The fact that some people think that LIVE is better because they pay for it shows how stupid some people are. Heck, I can even send voice messages, get achievements and do cross game chat on GFWL, and its free.

@plenty a tool

PSN Updates and the Playstation Store are not peer to peer you frickin tool LMAO. This is the kind of stupidity that runs wild through the LIVE community.

frostyhat1232818d ago

Ps3 Fanboys get out! go laugh with yourselves somewhere else!espically Istanbull. If you didn't notice this is a xbox article

JohnnyBadfinger2818d ago

Obviously you dont understand the concept of lag.

Dedicated servers only work when there are hundreds of them in all countries... come down to australia and tell me you dont experience lag.

Im sorry put due current global internet speeds... P2P is still the best solution... as the gaming population is far to small. Dedicated servers only work for Europe and America...

Being a Aussie we are surrounded by 100s of miles of ocean and global online gaming still is not possible on a competitive level.

PSN is boarder line broken here in Australia... that being said LIVE is still majorly flawed. So as far as i can see Dedicated servers are a waste of money

plenty a tool2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

mr bun and the other idiot

dont class everyone as stupid as you or a large slice of n4g. read shadowflares post, then read mine! ofcourse updates are not peer-to-peer morons!!!

as usual, the sony brigad see someone slight sony and charge headlong into the attack. i was mocking shadowflares idiot comment.

you two are probably just like him and dont understand anything about on-line gaming. and think that dedicated servers equal no lag and latency, even if you live in the US and play on servers in the EU etc..

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TBM2819d ago

Really I beg to differ. The future of gaming is the one that offers great gaming experiences in a variety of genres, and for all hardcore to casuals (wish they go away lol)

Godmars2902819d ago

I honestly can't tell by your statement. Especially not when the Xbox brand is known more for FPS than ever.

TBM2819d ago


Lol no im not I used the word variety which M$ and it don't usually go together. Maybe is should have put variety in " " lol

Sorry for confusion M$ is not the future of gaming

Eddie201012819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

The name of the Article should be "Why the future of non skill, innacurate control, casual gaming is with the Xbox 360".

Reffering to Kinect since that is What they are pushing so much, fanboys and Microsoft.

The Xbox fanboys are shooting themselves in the foot by praising and pushing Kinect. If the casual Kinect games start accounting for the majority Xbox 360 games sales then there may be fewer hardcore gamer type games made for the system. Microsoft will go where the money is and so will the developers for the system.

VINNIEPAZ2819d ago

WOW Sony defense force in full swing this morning. LMMFAO

huzzaahh2819d ago

What they're saying IS true, though.

VINNIEPAZ2819d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

"What they're saying IS true, though."

All I'm seeing is them talking about...

1) RROD - Yes it stared off very bad, but its not as mass spread as before.

2) Paying for LIVE - If people want to pay for it STFU and get over it. Belive it or not some people like it so much they will pay for it. Its about choice.

3) MS spending $ on Kinetc - I for one like my kinect and hope they would spend $ on something they will support and not leave to die. I find it funny how people talk about MS spending money here and there like they are going to run out. THEY HAVE BILLIONS! They could spend $500 million on casual games and still have enough to spend more $ then Sony ever could toward "Hardcore"

My opinion on the "future of gaming".....GET ALL THE SYSTEMS!

EDIT @SasanovaS1987 - Yes they ARE getting defensive. No ONE system is the exact future of gaming, this article is trash from the start and any gamer would know that every system has its place to certain people. But instead the fanboys choice is the bash a system with weak excuses.

SasanovaS19872819d ago

its not the sony defence, its gamers defence. plain and simply, xbox has nothing to do with future. its a system that plays catch up tech wise, and has not done anything. a true gamer knows that.

Motorola2819d ago

You know how to spot a troll when they end a comment with a "LMMFAO"
OT: Xbox is no way the future of gaming for obvious reasons.

m23452818d ago

yes, because people who are actual gamers can't voice their opinions about this article. i think most of you 360 fanboys worry more about this so called 'defense force' than about actual games.

the article is flamebait.

DERKADER2818d ago

It look like the PS3 is enjoying in-game XMB and trophies. I wonder where they got the idea for that?

frostyhat1232818d ago

@ Vinniepaz Dude ik its getting ridiculous how one sided n4g is becoming

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specialguest2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

This article makes bold statements without elaborating on how the future of gaming is with the Xbox 360. Out of 4 paragraphs of putting down Sony, the only reason mentioned was that IF hardcore games gets developed for Kinect, they will see a rise in numbers of gamers using it. What a weak opinion article this was.

Joni-Ice2818d ago

The key word is "IF". Sony already has hardcore games for MOVE.

DigitalRaptor2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

This is such a poor, damage-controlled attempt at forming an argument.

The future of gaming is not contributed by a single entity. What makes gaming such an interesting form of entertainment is the variation that each company brings to the table.

And let's not pretend... if there's any company that is leading us into the future of console gaming, it's gonna be Sony. What is Microsoft doing? They've had Xbox Live for years (it's not really evolving, like the PSN is) and Kinect isn't gonna change the way people who play games in the long-term.

If you take apart everything Sony stands for from an entertainment standpoint, and particularly within gaming, they are about giving the consumer more CHOICE... More OPTIONS.

How can Microsoft be the collective future of gaming, when they are the ones taking AWAY the choices?

What a garbage article. Why are they trying to down Sony and talk about Microsoft, as if their actions are what's best for the future in which we play games?

visualb2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I hope so too...for the sake of the site

what if MS discontinues the Xbox brand in the future and creates a new one, as opposed to what this article suggests? they have to get a new domain name don't they =P

so...xboxhome really hopes 360 is the future in this article, but shows no actual proof that this will actually be reality

cute =)

Inside_out2819d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

@Is BULL...what are you going on that M$ has done has lead them to where they are today...ahead of the mighty Sony. 50.8 million consoles and climbing, Kinect selling 8 million units in 8 weeks and still climbing, XBL the gold standard in on line gaming making well over a billion dollars, Windows 7 by far the most popular OS and windows 7 phone competing for market share. Why cry??? if you don't like it don't buy it. Nobody is twisting your arm.

Every positive Xbox 360, Kinect or M$ article turns out the same cast of characters complaining about the same things. Who cares what you are definitely in the minority. Even if M$ didn't sell another product from here on in, they would of won already because nobody thought that M$, the big American company could$ is not crying but the competition is.

Whats wrong with you guys??? Sony could really have a break out year but you guys spend all your time complaining about M$ when M$ loses they win., did you say Mag update 2000. How many updates has that game full priced game with no single player, like Mag. You like PSn...great... think it's free because of Sony's good intentions or is it because it's an inferior product. NOTHING is free in this world. Why is Sony still in last place with all this so called PSn goodness...there's a reason, but you will never accept it.

All this talk about exclusives and M$ was the only guys with any thing worth playing last year. Sony with their " Free " on-line and 2 big games with no multi-player or even dlc in GOW and Heavy rain...O_o.

Shadow Flare2818d ago

"Why is Sony still in last place with all this so called PSn goodness...there's a reason, but you will never accept it."

They're still in last place because they released the ps3 one year after the 360 and in Europe they released it 18 months after the 360

Now I've got a question for you:

PS3 has outsold 360 in Europe in total sales despite launching 18 months after 360, and all of the time being at a higher price point

And worldwide, ps3 has consistently outsold 360, reducing the gap between itself and the 360 from 8 million at ps3's launch, to 3 million today. All the while being a more expensive system. This all indicates ps3 as outselling 360 globally since launch, and in turn, making 360 globally the slowest selling current gen console.


DigitalRaptor2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

There's no point in replying to that guy. One bubble... there no way you can really have a proper conversation with a troll.

His points mainly consist of defending the Xbox brand with sales and number arguments, and when he does mention games it's usually either hypocritical, highly opinionated, or pure BS.

* Check out his misinformed arguments about GOW 3 & Heavy Rain having no DLC, when they clearly did.

All the games he goes on about are shooters, and someone like that could never understand why people rave about the PlayStation brand as much as they do. Online networking is clearly not as important to PS3 players as defining games in quality, quantity and variety. This is how the Xbox brand has changed the ideals and expectations of a certain breed of gamer.

The SOLE REASON the Xbox 360 is ahead of the PS3 in global sales is because it released a year ahead... The SOLE reason. He can't see that - he's a waste of time.

vishant1012818d ago

@ shadow flare the wii realeased after the 360 it had no problems in overtaking xbox in terms of sales

Rainstorm812818d ago


The Wii and Kinect sell for the same reason, they arent marketed toward gamers. They are marketed toward the casual crowd.

Shadow Flare2818d ago

Uh, I'd like to see the wii do those same numbers if it was priced at $600 lol. At half the price of the ps3, it was expected to sell well. However the expensive ps3 outselling the cheaper 360 (360 arcade cheaper then the wii), not expected. All in all, that puts 360 in the position of slowest selling console of this generation. The only, only reason it is ahead of ps3 at the moment is because of it's 12 month / 18 month head start.

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KiLLUMiNATi_892818d ago

Who knows about what's the future console and who cares. Everything can change, what if sega comes back and what if apple gets in. WHO cares this article straight dumb and all ps3 fanbase are in here bashing the xbox for what.

They said kinect will fail and xbox is gonna die by 2008. It's still going strong idk y hate enjoy the competition god damn. It's like people act like the xbox brand didn't help establish nothing this generation.

Joni-Ice2818d ago

If Kinect the future, I need to find another hobby.

m23452818d ago

loling at this acticle right now.

unknownhero11232818d ago

well, looks like the microsoft cheerleaders are in full force today. what? I think it's a fitting name for them I mean after all they gave sony fanboys the group name of SDF(sony defense force). I think it's fair that Microsoft fanboys get a name too.

anyways, what can you guys expect from a xbox web site? of course they are going to say things like that.

MeNoRasta2818d ago

If it was Sega,Nintendo and Sony that will be a little unfair because Sony has the upper hand then. You got to give credit to Microsoft because they are the only company that beat Sony in sales in a console war(even tho sales dont matter to us gamers but matters to the companies)

Edito2818d ago

you mean Japanese consoles= Win for every one cool...

MeNoRasta2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Well that boils down to opioion.Im not really into the fanboy stuff.. better stuff to do in life than worship gaming consoles.But im saying Sony is more of a popular company than nintendo and saga when theres more hardcore gamers than casuals out there.

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mandf2819d ago

The future is with game developers. Which the 360 has the least of. The console with the most and highly rated games wins. It's been that way every generation.

Godmars2902819d ago

What's ironic is that MS lead the charge about exclusives not mattering, and now the biggest complaint about them is that they don't have any exclusives.

Shadow Flare2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

And "exclusive content" was the reason Aaron Greenburg gave for raising the price of xbox love to $60

OGharryjoysticks2819d ago

Rally the troops. This article is preaching to the choir. Of course the xbox site wants xbox owners to feel this way so they don't switch to ps3. But ps3 has the games in 2011. If these guys actually cared about people as gamers they would admit it and offense, what future are they referring to? 2012? And there's no proof for any "just wait until 2012" that will be any different.

The Meerkat2819d ago

Its funny how "Just wait", has changed from being the battle cry of the Sony fans to the rallying cry of the 360 fans.

x713HITSQUADx2819d ago

PS3 FANBOYS have been saying the same thing every year since 07, and still the XBOX is on top. Its gonna be the same in 2011, and 2012. And the excuses are just gonna keep coming

Marked2819d ago

Of course the XBOX is on top when you count replacement consoles as sales. HMMMMM best buy just replaced another one, more steam to inflate our fan boys with.

With a failure rate close to 50% there's no doubt xbox has shipped more consoles.

xgodofwar4sss2819d ago

hit squid you must be talking sales? how fun playing role playing sales. iam playing games. psn xgodofwar4sss hit me when you want to play games ps buy a real system ps3 it only do games since 07

x713HITSQUADx2818d ago

yeah thats what i thought, there goes the excuses, so i guess every xbox owner buys 2 copies of every game right?
how else would xbox sell more games than ps3 if there is more ps3's in the world.

Marked2818d ago

We can discuss game sales all day long and when it finally hash out, it comes down to community values.

Example COD BO sells 2.5 million first week on PS3
Gran turismo sells 5 million

Its all about community and xbox loves their FPS.

neutral game Enslaved sells 41,000 first week on both consoles....... seeee what I'm getting at.

jocomat92818d ago

on top??? another thing not mention is 360 came out a year earlier then ps3. Ps3 is still selling better every year.(WW) Kepp fooling your self.. ..

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MarcusFenixITA2819d ago

Sorry, but the Gaming Future belongs to the PS3.

MarcusFenixITA2819d ago

ah and by the way some fools here stole my bubbles because I said Killzone 3 jungle looks amazing. Is that fair? Can some PS3-Fans help me out here - I'm not trolling.

Kon2819d ago

Calling the troops huh.

Motorola2819d ago

Yeah once I lost bubbles for saying something bad about Hannah Montana or some crap. i dont get how thats trolling... And the future of gaming is PC and PS3 imo.

DeathMetal14742818d ago

wow how lame. And the KZ jungle is pretty lame that is why you lost bubbles. A grey jungle with a few plants is far from amazing.

MarcusFenixITA2818d ago

nice to know deathmetal ... I started laughing when I was reading your name. Idiot ...

DualConsoleOwner2818d ago

yea.... sure.

lawl. you realize KZ2(2 year old game) look miles better than any Xbox 360 games out there.

DeathMetal14742818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Still doesn't change the fact that you are a fanboy douchebag, Yeah your name is so cool nerd, unlike you Fox Mulder actually gets laid LOL. And I Have a PS3 and Pc no xbox. And Dual Console owner there are 4 year old Pc games that look miles better than Kz what's your point. Graphics does not equal gameplay, which is why no one bothered to even finish KZ's camapign according to GG. The gameplay is trash. Yeah Im the idiot, the one not crying for fanboy support. Man you fags are pathetic. What are you guys like 12 years old, sounds like it. Maybe if you clean your rooms and eat all your veggies Mommy will pre-order KZ3 for you.