Crytek 'discussing' new Timesplitters

CVG:Crytek has told us it's exploring the possibility of making a new Timesplitters game.

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redDevil872910d ago


Do it Crytek, me and many others are sik and tired of realistic FPS games. Also Timeplitters has the most potential for the best multiplayer.

Think about it. You could have a map in futuristic Tokyo, a random weapon set that included Tommy Guns, RPGs, crossbows, dual wielding shotguns and sci-fi hanguns. On top of that a range of MP characters with different strengths and weaknesses.

I really hope this game happens!

-Ikon-2910d ago

MAKE IT HAPPEN. I wanna walk around with a red brick and knock people the F*** OUT!!!

rawrockkillz2910d ago

Haha the bricks were awesome!
They better bring back the Ninja Monkeys!

maawdawg2910d ago

Yeah, rumors a few months a go said they were shopping for a publisher so they could make a new TS title. Timesplitters was such a fun series back in the day. It is one of the
"dead franchises" that I would love to see come back. Perhaps second only to Killer Instinct, now that Twisted Metal is on the way back.

DA_SHREDDER2910d ago

Discussing? I would rather play Timesplitters over Crysis any day. Regardless of platform. I would even get a 360 just to play it if it was exclusive that is. Too bad for Crytech, most of the fanbase are ps3 users. Personally, I think most devs this gen didn't even start gaming till Halo came out. If not they sure don't act like it.

dead_eye2910d ago

Timesplitters would be my ultimate exclusive. I'd buy any system for that game. As long as they stick to the same formula.

TLG19912910d ago

i would be happy for them to drop crysis 2 and start working on timesplitters i'v been waiting for this since.......... well since the last one but it feels like FOREVER.

AstroZombie12910d ago

For the love of god Crytek do this.

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The story is too old to be commented.