Sony “decided to forgo 3D” on PSP2 says Hirai

SCEI head Kaz Hirai has told PC World in Tokyo that Sony did think of adding 3D for PSP2, but it chose to “forgo it “for the time being”.

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That was a good choice, keep all the shit out of it.

ComboBreaker2819d ago

that'll enable 3D, just like the PS3. *Music plays: Thun thun thun...


But the screen isn't capable of running two images, in the PS3 situation everyone's PS3 can now do 3D, but if you don't have a 3DTV it's not going to work for you.

Sony said that they want to focus on a home theatre 3D experience for the time being. I mean if it hasn't even kicked off in that then how will it take off on a portable platform?

NiKK_4192818d ago

yea, they can't just "enable" it, but i think it's a possibility that before it releases, they could add a 3d screen on it, maybe just to keep it a surprise, but they better announce that quick if they are, before the 3ds comes out

RedDead2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

On this site the only time when 3d isn't crap is when it's on the Ps3. Although imo 3d is a gimmick anyway, i'm glad they're not wasting resource's on it.

Sarcasm2818d ago

I'll sacrifice 3D for a super clear OLED anyday.

I_find_it_funny2818d ago

I'd rather have twice longer batter life than mario in 3d for 2 hours

Ryudo2818d ago

To be fair you have to remember it's very different tech, Nintendo couldn't afford to enable 3D if they went Sony's design root.

Here is why,

1) The screen on the 3DS is 3.5" why the screen on the NGP is 5", as that makes it more then twice as big. Don't disagree with this unless you know how screen sizes work.

Enabling 3D without classes on a 5" screen would be much more expensive then on a 3.5" screen.

2) The 3D display on the 3DS is not a touch screen, Sony's 5" display is, there still using the old DS screens with a higher res as the touch panel.

Making a 5" 3D, touch panel screen is to expensive for either company to handle if they expect the consumer to be able to afford it.

3) Resolution, Sony has decided to go with graphical power over witty innovation. The did the same with the PS3 and the same with the PSP over the DS.

If they wanted there display to be able to render 3D the same way the 3DS does they would have to cut there resolution in half, making games look much less attractive.

4) The NGP will already cost vastly more to produce then the 3DS, Sony has a habit of selling there consoles at a loss for the first year or two.

It's great for the consumer and much better value then the 3DS which will of course be selling at a profit as Nintendo couldn't afford it not too.

k2d2818d ago

It is not 3d capable like the 3ds, but I bet you all it'll be compatible with Sony's 3d glasses. Question is - who really wants that..

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hamburger1232818d ago

Good. No 3D. I dont want to have a headache when I play on the NGP.

Ryudo2818d ago

There's a switch to turn 3D off what a faulty reasoning you have....

ps3rider2818d ago

you are right,
you know when i play 3D game. i just do that for one hour because i got headache

hamburger1232818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Are you that stupid whats the point of 3ds without the 3d ? Without the 3d its just....

a DS

Personally I think the DS was fine as it was. Till this day it had great games and sold very well. I think the 3DS is just a gimmick, but it will probably sell well.

Biggest2818d ago

I am trying to wrap my head around that one too, hamburger123. Nintendo is telling people to turn of 3D to extend battery life. People here are saying turn it off to avoid headaches. Why not just buy a 3DS - 3 = DS for $250 or whatever? Because that is a horrible idea is why. If you aren't paying for the 3D, why even get the thing?

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TBM2818d ago

I have bad eyes and I don't want to have to force focus them just to get full 3D effect that's better left to a big screen like the movies were it wouldn't bother as much.

I like the NGP just the way it is.

lil Titan2818d ago

it should have been "That was a good choice, keep it AFFORDABLE"

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blackburn52818d ago

Glad they left out the stare at the screen at an angle eye straining 3D.Prefer the glasses anyway.

Raendom2818d ago

I didn't disagree but I do wonder have you tried any glasses-free 3D gadgets yet? Like at CES or something?


At this years CES a lot of the attendees had a negative reaction to the glasses-less 3D TV's that were on display.

If it isn't even ready on large screen TV's how is it going to work on smaller screens?

Eamon2818d ago

lol at the fanboys.

Most of the people who tried out 3DS claimed the 3D worked well and was pleasant.

I got invited to Nintendo's 3DS trials in London next week so I'll be making my decision there.

Eidolon2818d ago

The PS3 doesn't have a screen, you still need a 3D television to play in 3D. No one knows if the NGP's screen is capable of this.

tubers2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I thought it was pretty simple?

No 3D (ATM) since they want to distance themselves from the 3DS.

Second reason = that'll add to the final price for the customer. I don't think a lot of us would want that.. That'd definitely make the NGP price overboard. More than what we are speculating now for price.

Perhaps in NGP ver. 2 or ver. 3. and when these interesting techs for a handheld are considerably cheaper.

chidori6662818d ago

thank kratos for this...

3d is stupid gimmick.

Eamon2818d ago

It could be the gimmick that sells.

Remember the Wii? Remember the DS?

Sony may have just shot themselves in the foot by choosing not to include 3D!

bananlol2818d ago

Something tells me that sony have a better understanding of the gaming market than you, no offense.

Eamon2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

But do they have a better understanding than Nintendo?

That's the important question. No offence.

Eamon2817d ago

lol, what an immature response by a fanboy.

Are these all your accounts?

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