Sony Discuss PlayStation 3’s 2011 Highlights

Those most capable of offering an accurate portrayal of their favourite forthcoming PlayStation 3 releases would of course be the guys who have already played them. But who would that be? Well, Andrew House, SCEE President, would of course be in one such pleasantly graced position. “Top of my list is Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The series is a huge hit with my family and we are looking forward to seeing where the adventure will take us next.”

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Burning_Finger2824d ago

My Wallet Highlights...


supremacy2824d ago

With all this NGP talk going on, it almost seems like the media has once again fallen asleep on ps3's line up.

My take is that both the ps3 and NGP will rival each other in software support going forward.

I am telling its going to be crazy.

Axecution2824d ago

Yeah seriously. Having knowledge of a handheld that can do almost the same thing as my console almost makes me want a new console Lol.

Hmmmm i wonder what the Playstation 4 will...
Alright im just gonna stop thinking, and go play some LBP2. xD