NGP white model uncovered

New picture of the NGP enables us to discover that Sony's future portable console will be also available in white.

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sinncross2848d ago

Didn't we all already see these White PSP pics on Engadget

My original PSP 1000 is a white version, so I guess I'll do the same with the NGP.

Christopher2848d ago

I hope, and it looks to be, a pure white gloss. Got the AC PSP 3000 bundle and it's got glitter in with the white. Love my white DS, though.

LoVeRSaMa2848d ago

I don't like the white versions, its the same with the iPhone ect tooo..

The black matches my PS3, my TV, my iPhone ect, so I would not want to spoil it all with a contrast.

Plus in my experience white plastic looks cheap =/

njr2848d ago

Why are they calling it NGP? Do they have an official name for it yet?

Christopher2848d ago

I tend to prefer white plastic over black. Just a preference.

And, no official name yet, njr.

Heartnet2847d ago

Hehe i prefer it with the glittery stuff and the white ^^ makes it look not so dull :P

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Blaze9292848d ago

they always reveal different colors. Doesn't mean anyone outside of Japan will get them though. Especially not at launch.

Christopher2847d ago

Yeah. And that pisses me off to high heaven.

ActionBastard2848d ago

They make some sexy hardware.

MAiKU2848d ago

I wish it would be available to US consumers. A white NGP would look fancy.

cochise3132848d ago

Man Sony is generating a huge buzz with this device; I can't wait to get my hands around one of those.

blumatt2848d ago

That's what she said. haha

On topic, I'll take a black one. White would get too dirty too easy.

cochise3132848d ago

Lol lol lol lol that's funny. I want the white one, but I know in time white devices usually get that yellowish tint to it. I hyped for this. I want to see how they have this interact with the ps3.

RyuCloudStrife2848d ago

white models are ugly... stick to black or other dark colors...

heylo2848d ago

if I had a choise I would take this color:
damn it looks good!

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The story is too old to be commented.