DTG: Why The PSP 2 Will Outclass Nintendo's 3DS

Brian McCormick for DTG puts up the newly announced PSP 2 (NGP) from Sony against Nintendo's 3DS and outlines why it is stronger than Nintendo's new 3D-without-glasses handheld gimmickry and will outclass it every step of the way.

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M-Easy2821d ago

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┃╰╯┃┈★ⓌⓄⓇⓁⒹ★┈ ┃▢╳┃
┃∭◉┃┈Ⓢ┈Ⓞ┈Ⓝ┈Ⓨ┈ ┃◉┅┃
╰┳♺ ┗━━▃ⓃⒼⓟ▃━━┛╭┳╯

na-no-nai2821d ago

It gonna need lots of storage if you can play ps3 games on the go

Shackdaddy8362821d ago

The deciding factor for me will be the price. I'm poor and if one device is way more expensive than the other then I will get the cheaper device. Both seem really cool to me. If they both cost the exact same though, I honestly think I will go for the PSP 2.

IcemanX2820d ago

"Why The PSP 2 Will Outclass Nintendo's 3DS"

just like the psp outclassed the ds right? and last i heard that hing died lol looks like history is about to repeat it's self....when will sony learn and just go away.

dedicatedtogamers2819d ago

The PSP didn't "die", it simply didn't sell as much as the DS. It sold 64 million itself though, that's hardly a failure on Sony's part!