Duke Nukem Forever Looks Stupid, Sexist And Outdated. Yet Why Do I Still Want To Play It?

Duke Nukem is stupid. It's sexist, his one-liners are idiotic, and to be completely and totally honest the game doesn't even look that good. I mean, how is the AI going to be? The controls? It all looks a bit... 2003, or something. But...

Duke Nukem has a sense of place. It gave you a real world to stomp around in as a misogynistic, idiotic hero, and hell, I loved that.

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jony_dols2824d ago

Exactly, I wanted to play it 10 years ago.
But now it feels outdated, and immature.

plrbear10282824d ago

wow, I can't believe how people expect all of the games to be future-like. He is a video game character, his series is amazing and so what if the game is immature and whatever you say. Go be a bitch and complain all you want. I am going to play this game and have fun with it. Regardless of Duke being Duke, it's a reason to why I am still paying attention to it .

Vampyer2824d ago

That's the way Duke Nukem has always been. If you don't like it, don't play it.

Pozzle2824d ago

Isn't that kinda the appeal of Duke though? Nobody plays a Duke Nukem game for seriousness and political correctness.

Tron_Rocks2824d ago

Duke is a great series? IT HASN'T REALLY BEEN A SERIES as far as FPS go in over a DECADE!!

Duke, to little, to immature and to darn late!


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