Gamereactor International: Killzone 3 Preview

Petter Mårtensson writes:

"As the Helghast returns again, it's time for Guerrilla Games to once again build upon the stable foundation that was multiplayer in Killzone 2. With Killzone 3, the devs are trying to make multiplayer feel more like a story, with the players that have done well rewarded with their names and faces on the characters taking part in cutscenes - especially in the gamemode known as Operations, where the ISA tries to complete certain objectives while the Helghast tries to put a stop to it."

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Redempteur2846d ago

a true battle for survival ...

all i ask is that they still let me use my custom soundtrack in multiplayer

beavis4play2846d ago

i like the sound of the cutscenes.

btk2845d ago

Well - if the cutscenes is are generated by the PS3, that means less video content - which means the size of the game is not filled by pre-recorded cutscenes. Must be a lot of terrain data on the disk then.