Tretton : I didn’t think people would spend $150 for Kinect

Gamersmint writes: SCEA President, Jack Tretton didn’t expect people to buy Kinect at the price tag it came with and was taken aback by its success.

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psb2848d ago

Jack, people will be spending whatever you price the PSP2 at, atleast I'll.

NAGNEWS2848d ago

and iam gonna sell all my plants + my neighbors to get the psp2...whatever it takes

AAACE52848d ago

You ever see some of those fake women? They like to nag and complain about what and how other people do things and get so wrapped up in hating on someone that they don't realize that their perfect life has took a turn for the worst while they were neglecting it!

People with common sense might understand what i'm talking about, but for you simple minded individuals, it means you should worry about what's on your plate and not worry about what others are eating and trying to tell them if they like it or not!

Imtey2847d ago

I agree with him. Remember when the price was announced?? People, including Pachter, predicted that Kinect would be too expensive for the casual consumer. Look where it is now 0_o

gamingdroid2847d ago

I said it then, and I'm saying it again. MS did extensive research on the price point, so it wasn't just brought on from the left field.

They even publicly tested the price by having etailers allow pre-orders for the item at $150 all the while denying the official price. That is them testing the market.

NiKK_4192847d ago

he wasn't talkin shit about microsoft or kinect, this is kind of out of context, because i read that interview, people just take anything anyone high up says and flips it around...but some of them are plain dumb, not sayin any names *cough* patcher *cough*

Pixelated_Army2847d ago

You dare compare an amazing device like the PSP2 to a shitty little webcam that can only play on-rail games? lol

rockleex2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

$500 million in advertising for a product aimed at soccer moms and families can do that for you.

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Anon19742848d ago

He wasn't the only one. There were a number of industry analysts, vocal developers and even the head of retail chains in the UK who are all on record saying they doubted the sales potential of a $150 add on. I myself was one of those who couldn't believe people would spend almost as much as the Wii itself to play, what looked like to me, games that you could already get on the Wii.

Turns out we were all wrong. But then I'm still left scratching my head why the Wii's such a success when the 360, a much more complete console, can't touch the Wii's numbers despite being similarly priced. I never would have predicted the Wii would walk away with this gen either.

kewlkat0072847d ago

"Turns out we were all wrong. But then I'm still left scratching my head why the Wii's such a success when the 360, a much more complete console"

Well I said the same about the Nintendo DS while the original PSP is still out...

Forget the hardware specs, Nintendo looses. So what are they doing different. It's the "Market Demographics" There is plenty of junkware on all consoles.

Focker4202847d ago

This gen isn't even close to over yet. Its only just now 5 years in. And wait until the PS3 hits $200, you'll be blown away by the numbers.

pain777pas2847d ago

If you read the article you can see where the interviewers was going with the questions. The interviewer brought up the 3DS and so Jack showing that he is not afraid of competition stated what he did.

hobo512847d ago

its called marketing tretton, marketing!

Theonik2847d ago

Live and learn Jack, maybe if you had released it and not scraped the idea at it being more expensive you'd be the one laughing now.(look it up) Not that it's his fault either i'm sure the heads at Japan didn't expect it either. Oh well there is another lesson to be learned here, correct marketing make for good performance.

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tony67672848d ago

yup theres people stupid to spend 150$ for something useless with no hardcore games

Masterchef20072848d ago

Those would be the casuals cause no core gamer would buy Kinect expecting a core experience. Devs will make games for the largest audience and thats the casuals. SO you can expect a ton of casual games on the 360 because of kinect. Not that its a bad thing cause there are way more casuals then core gamers and buisness is about making money

xXxSeTTriPxXx2848d ago

there isn't more casual gamers then core gamers, it's just that the core crowd is divided by sony, m$ and the high end pc adopters.

add all those up and you have your core gaming crowd.

Masterchef20072847d ago

Then who bought the 70.90 million wiis? Are you telling me that it was all core gamers who bought that console?

sikbeta2848d ago

And 500M DOLLARS in ADVERTISING helped a little bit lol

Iamback2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

500m dollar advertising wasn't spend in one single fall, you muppet. It is for couple of year, across every territory.

In reply to Jack, when it comes to 360 fanboys, nothing surprises me any more. If next xbox ends up being just kinect 2 , they will be all over it and sell us story how amazing it is.

r1sh122848d ago

Its not only fanboys. Your comment seems to be biased to the PS3 side a little dont you think.
MS used marketing, but you shouldn't knock something down that you havent used..I personally wouldnt buy kinect but tried it in store with some friends, it was quite fun and if some parents think it will help kids exercise they would buy it without hesitation. There are a number of factors why kinect sold so well, not just every xbox owner is an idiot.

Biggest2847d ago

Someone needs to do his research before calling people muppets. That $500 million was for the holiday season of 2010. It wasn't for a single fall. It was for a single winter.

deadreckoning6662848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

@tony- So everyone who isn't in the market for hardcore games is stupid? LOL...u do realize that casual gamers are the ones keeping this industry afloat right? More people have spent more money on "casual" gaming(Wii Fit, Wii Play, the DS, and the Wii) in the past 4 years then ANY other audience in this industry.

Only on N4G would you get 7 agrees for saying something so retarded.

"That's because Jack's a class act (unlike Aaron Greenberg who's a profession troll)."

Yes, a Microsoft marketing agent who uses sales to market Microsoft is a troll. By your logic, every marketing agent who decides to do his/her job is a troll lol.

Inside_out2848d ago

Jack Tretton is a class act and has brought the PS3 back from the dead tho the Asians wouldn't know it. I hope he ends up somewhere else making a boat load of money.

The PS3 camp is in shambles this morning with news of how M$ cleaned house and ran the table on Sony over the holidays. No biggie, look at the's STILL killing everyone else and the thing can't even play a DvD...O_o

dragonelite2848d ago

If they are targeting the hardcore they are doing it wrong.

How many hardcore gamers are going to spend 400 plus on a handheld just to play games you could play on your console. That amount of money is good for 8~15 games you could buy for console. No i think the 3DS will probably defeat it big time in sales only because of the DS name. But i could be wrong and the market is in for a High tech(those specs are marvelous jaw dropping marvelous) handheld. But i think tablets have a better way of grabbing the mobile market.

lelo2play2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Honestly... I didn't think so many people would be buying Kinect or PS Move... I'm still not interested in any of them.

ThanatosDMC2848d ago

I have both and i've barely used them.

roflcopters2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

"yup theres people stupid to spend 150$ for something useless with no hardcore games"

you know what is even dumber, fanboys praising/paying for a $300 handheld

@below - i don't ride the fuc'n bus to work like your broke ass. nor do i even use handheld gaming systems. you might be lead by your douchebag tendencies to have a psphone there marcus but not me.

Marked2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

How much did your phone cost you.... and what do you end up using it for... we're all lead by our wallets dipshit.

Edit: apply dipshit part only if you dont see the hippocrisy from us all.

Cherchez La Ghost2848d ago

And who are you to call people stupid that you don't even know?

user8586212848d ago

If people enjoy kinect let them buy it, why are you crying?

Solid_Snake-2847d ago

what you mean like the psp2 except its $600 with no hardcore games.

least microsoft made something new and didnt rip off the wii then go make a hand held that ripped off the DS and iphone.

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Mr_Bun2848d ago

I was surprised too, considering it didn't have any "must have" games at launch. Note how Jack didn't cry about kinect's success.

Tilian2848d ago

That's because Jack's a class act (unlike Aaron Greenberg who's a profession troll).

Raendom2848d ago

Yep, I didn't either. Didn't think the iPad would sell either.

I've come to the conclusion if I think it sucks, the rest of the world doesn't.

trounbyfire2848d ago

same boat sadly
i mean come on it a giant i phone and people were like NO TS NOT....yeah it is

camera only games suck ,and yes PS eye counts as well, kinect is revolutionary....well it just allows you to do PS eye stuff better. it didn't change how you do it it just tracks better

well voice control....really!!!

they took crap ps eye game play and made it better but it still Crap gameplay


Solans Scott2848d ago

Never underestimate a consumer. They will always buy what they want not what you think they should.