Kinect is the 'fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history' - Microsoft

Peter Klein, chief financial officer at Microsoft, has labeled Kinect the "fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history".

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DualConsoleOwner2872d ago

Good for MS, but not good for hardcore. it seems like Xbox 360 is turning into a Wii

B-Real2062871d ago

lets see some new games please

evrfighter2871d ago

what is hardcore nowadays?

both 360 and ps3 are dominated by casual gamers. You don't believe me?

go look up the best selling game for each system and you'll have your answer.

CoD is as casual as they come.

livinwitbias2871d ago

@B-Real206 - Let's be for real and at least be a 360 owner before try and act like you care about 360 games.


Parapraxis2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )


Is the idea that a 360 owner might not like Kinect that hard to grasp for you?

I along with many 360 owners don't care for it.
I'd much rather see more games instead of MS gloating about how great a peripheral I will never buy is doing.
It becomes even more frustrating when you consider the fact that it is selling so well, and there are record profits yet MS is continuing to ignore its dedicated hardcore gaming fanbase that has been with them from the start.

MS doesn't just announce games a month before release, they do it well in advance. If you think there is going to be some secret flood of games unleashed on 360 owners at E3 you are off your rocker.

QSPR2871d ago

Kinect is the 'fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history'- Microsoft... SO what???????????????

Mustang300C20122871d ago

I love how some of you put so much importance into videogames instead of just enjoying the games you like. I find it so funny how some of you talk like you are going through a mid-life crisis about this whole I am hardcore casual crap. It is just games and somehow you have issues with some of us that simply accept that. People it is time to grow up. If you have this much issue about Move or Kinect or exclusive and mutliplatform then you have more problems then worrying about a direction whatever game company is going.

B-Real2062871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

@livinwitbias Troll that. It's a question that needs to be asked. Sorry if your hurt

DS og
GameCube...purple :)
I am far from a troll, though I do have a preference. You can hate me all you want I have been gaming for 20+ years.

Don't mind the mess it's my back room.

Pixelated_Army2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Really? The fastest?

"Microsoft posts better-than-expected profit; shares flat as investors worry about PC weakness"

Tinasumsum2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Don't let Parapraxis XBL gamer tag fool you. I don't think people interested in Kinect for positive reasons care what Sony leaning gamers think. Reading some of these comments makes me feel sorry for PS3 fanboys. I read comments with Sony loyalist pretending to speak for 360 fans to PS3 fans calling consumers stupid sheep basically WoW.

Even Sony came out saying they can't believe kinects success with its price point. In reality they were saying we were wrong about Kinect even we were fooled by our own PS3 fanboys.

Tinasumsum2871d ago


Parapraxis has been on N4G 24/7 Look at his history.

nycredude2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

NIntendo: Check out our new handheld 3ds with launch lineup!

Sony: NGP with launch lineup and the most powerful handheld ever met with positive reception. LBP out, Killzone 3 Feb, Yakuza 4 and MLB the show in March, Socom and Sorcery in April, and tons more exclusives this year!

MS: Kinect is fastest selling consumer electronics device in history!

What is wrong with this picture?

livinwitbias2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Actually Parapraxis, I was basing my comment on his fake as 360 gamertag that he has in his bio that doesn't exist and according to XBL has never existed.

I can care less who like Kinect and who doesn't but I hate fake ass trolls as much as the next guy.

@B-Real206 I still think you're a troll. Also, there is no excuse for the mess.

Here's a pic of my 360...

See how I did that?

B-Real2062869d ago

@livinwitbias not quite sure what sight you used to look up my gamer tag try My gamer score is pretty low but again not a troll. Looking at your history all you do is call other people trolls. Just because it doesn't fit your ideals doesn't mean a person is a troll. I asked a valid question if anything you seem butthurt because there doesn't seem to be a clear cut answer. I have no reason to lie the pic is legit nice try hating

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MNicholas2871d ago

Her show is basically a very well disguised advert for whatever product/idas.

She's absolutely one of the greatest business minds in America.

She's a poor black girl raised by a single mother on welfare, yet, despite all the odds, she turned herself into a millionaire by age 32 when taking her talk show nationwide back in the 80s. Now her yearly income is about a quarter of a billion. No exaggeration.

2871d ago
m23452870d ago

Tinasumsum: you're also trolling. what does that make you?

punkpop1012869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

If you mean that we're getting games of Wii quality like the Last Story ,Dragon Quest X and Monster Hunter Tri?If so bring on the Wii guys.

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-Alpha2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Some people were skeptical about their goal and how Kinect would be received by the target audience, but I am really not surprised with the results.

I was reading about their revenue posting, and I couldn't help but think Kinect was a huge part of that for their year end.

The advertising campaign, their attitude towards the product, and their recent behavior (Xbox is a "Family" product) really shows that they've had a specific goal with the future of their brand from the start.

Seems like things went exactly the way they wanted.

But to be honest, for me, this whole motion craze blew over. I'm right back to playing games with my controller like nothing ever happened. Such a big thing in the industry, yet I'm not even affected by it. I'm slightly disappointed with how the craze promised all this revolutionary games and how all these big devs were working on all these games, yet things have been pretty quiet.

g0green2871d ago

season 5 was disappointing worst season right after 3

SuperLupe2871d ago

Yeah season 3 was meh.. Starting season 4 tomorrow :)

g0green2868d ago

yea 4s great imo but 1 set the standard too high lol

m232871d ago

I just started watching Dexter, almost finished season 1. It is pretty awesome so far.

egidem2871d ago

It gets even better trust me!

gamingdroid2871d ago

"I'm slightly disappointed with how the craze promised all this revolutionary games and how all these big devs were working on all these games, yet things have been pretty quiet."

So the product has been out for barely three months, and you were apparently expecting major games out already.

It takes practically a minimum of 18-months to create a game now a days with known input methods, yet you want developers to deliver more games in less time for an unknown input method?

That doesn't seem entirely fair nor logical.

dktxx22871d ago

Um you don't think developers have had 18 months to make games for it?

Lets see, WE've known about it for at least 15 months. Maybe developers, gasp, even knew about it, before we did?

They have easily had enough time to produce one core game, at least even preview one. But nothing yet.

eggbert2871d ago

I'll agree with you on the "more games will come out" thing, but to be honest, both the Move and Kinect pretty much have died as far as marketing goes.

During Christmas I saw a Kinect commercial or a Burger King Commercial (giving away a kinect) EVERY hour. Now I see like 1 of them a week. Not too mention there haven't been too many game announcements for either peripheral lately. Most likely they are waiting for GDC or E3, but it's left kind of a dead-zone in both the peripherals ATM.

gamingdroid2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

"Um you don't think developers have had 18 months to make games for it?"

I vaguely remember that at E3 2009, MS mentioned dev kits were going out to developers. That's barely 18-months, if you had resources to spare.

Even the popular Dance Central was created in 12 months.

So to answer you question, no I don't think the vast majority of developers have had dev kits for 18-months. With that said, even 18-months is relatively little time to come up with quality title.

With that said, the decision to support basically an entire new platform isn't something you do without some trust the product will be successful so it is entirely possible people are taking a wait and see approach.

With that said, there have been numerous titles been announced for Kinect coming out this year already. So what's the deal about the b!tchin?

Dannehkins2871d ago

Wasn't this posted already?

Megaton2871d ago

Only a couple dozen times.

Octo12871d ago

Whoa.This got through quality control.

sak5002871d ago

He meant "Fanboys' quality control" :D

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