Sony: PS3 to NGP ports unsatisfactory to the consumer

If the NGP is powerful enough to offer PS3-like gaming experiences then does that mean we'll see the handheld flooded with ports of existing home console experiences? According to SCEE boss Andrew House, both Sony and third-party publishers believe ports are not in the best interest of the consumer.

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SnakeMustDie2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Yes, Sony should have improved the RemotePlay feature so that NGP can play PS3 games anywhere if you also have a PS3. It is a selling feature.

I have yet heard of a RemotePlay feature for NGP. It might be reserved for E3 or NGP doesn't have that feature.

Substance1012820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Developers are greedy bastards. Specially the likes of EA and Activision. I see them mostly throwing Ports of games to the PSP2. Since they probably wont invest money into making a HD game for the PSP2. They would rather milk the existing games on home consoles port them over to PSP2.

Why should a developer make an Exclusive game for the PSP2 when they could launch the same game on multiple platforms, then give PSP2 a port. As it is Devs these days claim they dont make profit on games unless they sell in the millions.

IMO it will be upto Sony to support PSP2 with software.

sinncross2820d ago

Well EA and Activision are not good examples since they make games that appear on as many platforms as possible.

Seferoth752820d ago

In a case like that arent at least 2 of the consoles also getting ports? Games are built on 1 platform and then ported over to the others in almost every case.

I honestly do not see the big deal. The Playstation fan base has no problem buying the exact same game they played last gen only with HD graphics and trophies so why bother making 2 completely different games? You simply have features in one that are not offered in the other, and in a lot of cases given the user base, millions will line up for it.

stevenhiggster2820d ago

I don't see a problem with ports of new games, I just don't want to see loads of old PS3 games getting ported across, but if new games come out, and it launches on 360, PS3 and NGP then I wouldn't really consider that bad.

ThanatosDMC2820d ago

Capcom all ready ported Lost Planet 2 without improving it. It'll probably have all the problems like telleporting monsters, little monsters not appearing on the same screen as your other 3 co-op buddies, lack of replay value, and small maps.

They bragged about their new engine but still suffer from poor issues that are present in all Monster Hunter games.

rezzah2820d ago

There was a slight reduction in geometry but everything else remained the same, Thats what they said and its pretty awesome.

Seferoth752820d ago

To the fanboys who disagree God of War collection says hi. Punka$$ kids you know its the truth, you guys are sheep. They could put Pong on it and you'd consider it the most innovative never before seen game in history. Acting like anything Sony does is completely new when it most cases its a copy of what some other system has been doing but you missed out on it due to single company loyalty

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flyingmunky2820d ago

That is definitely a feature I would be interested in.

It would be cool if the ngp had direct access to anything on your ps3 including the disk in the tray. Seemed like remote play on the psp3000 was mostly useless as very few games supported it.

Also bear in mind that even if the ngp does not initially support remote play Sony may add in support for it later in a firmware update.

ChronoJoe2820d ago

Don't be stupid.

Remote play will never work properly, even on the games that it does it will still be laggy for those on standard broadband connections.

young juice2820d ago

it has remote play. im just not sure to what extent its improved to

you see it in this vid

BattleAxe2819d ago

I'd like to see some ports from games like GoW3, GoW Collection, MGS4(with trophies), Resistance 1 + 2, Killzone and Uncharted games.

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Iamback2820d ago

Great comment from Sony, and something i have been saying all along. Make X game from X IP specifically for PSP2, use controls that it offers to offer different gameplay, not just shrinked version of console version. Do that and you got me in.

koehler832820d ago

I agree, I have a PS3.

I would however love a PS3 AND NGP compatible game, like Kojima had mentioned. Even if just accomplished through a much improved cloud-based method akin to Remote Play.

The idea of not having to stop playing RDR or any other game I'm currently engrossed in just because I'm heading out is very compelling to me.

Ju2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

We haven't heard anything about an internal storage for the NGP. But if so, and because it will probably support downloadable games, a BD version of such a game could include a NGP version. The PS3 can be a download hub for those games and syncing the PS3 and NGP with the game could allow for a true "play local and take your game with you" approach. I would love that.

koehler832820d ago

I like the way you think. Digital Copies of games. That sounds like a Sony initiative to me.

Shadow Flare2820d ago

The only exact port I care about is Littlebigplanet 2. Because I really hope in the future, I'll be able to build a level on my ps3, then transfer it a cross to my psp2, carry on building my level on the go, the transfer it back to my ps3 to carry on. That is what I really want, and would definitely pursuade me to buy a psp2

koehler832820d ago

The touch screens would really compliment LBPs creation mode.

Agreed completely.

iNFAMOUZ12820d ago

off topic a bit, but I would LOVE to see a grand theft auto on the ngp, just imagine.....the graphics on the, this ladies and gentlemen is the beginning of a new age in technology, its all thanks to sony :)

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