L.A. Noire: New Images

L.A. Noire is producing by Rockstar Games for PS3 and Xbox 360. Release date of a L.A. Noire is May 20, 2011. We have new images for L.A. Noire and they are about Malcolm Carruthers, the coroner. The medical examiner will support you during the criminal investigation that you will solve adventure game in the expected.

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madpuppy2822d ago

This game has me intrigued, I just had to pre-order it. besides, am a big fan of movies like L.A. Confidential and classic film noir movies.

Keith Olbermann2822d ago

Looks great. I hope its not like GTA. I like open world but I want it to be a mix with Heavy Rain type of gameplay. More ways to interact with NPCs and so on..

malyn2822d ago

images images images
we want gameplay