Unreal Engine is Impressive on NGP - New HD Video

First impressions of the Unreal Engine running on the NGP: Yesterday the Unreal Engine was demoed on Sony's Next generation Portable Entertainment System - and the footage is simply stunning. There's also a new HD video available.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2819d ago

that extra bubble is well deserved.

DORMIN2819d ago

Ahhh such a tease. We all still have to wait a year!

Really looking forward to E3 though, I can see a lot of games being announced.

WhittO2819d ago

This really looks amazing, when they panned to that tree in epic citadel! :O..PS3 quality graphics.

I can see devs really pushing amazing things on this, but I REALLY hope the battery doesn't suffer at the same time.

Ryudo2819d ago

It's basically the same game as found on the Iphone 4, Epic Citadel tech demo and Infinity blade.

Only difference is there are more characters on screen, although it didn't give the same grow Epic Citadel did on my Iphone but I guess that could be down to poor video quality.

ajcastillo2819d ago

I wanted to ask something, how come when i put a news in N4G and has a video someone reports my news and orders me to embbed the video in my news in N4G, how come news like this gets even approved when they don´t apply the rules of N4G and embbed the video to the news when you clearly have the video on youtube, such a double standart.

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The Meerkat2819d ago

Oh NOW the Unreal Engine is good. /s

Close_Second2819d ago

The Unreal engine was good 5 years ago but the constant tweaks are not hiding its age in my opinion. Bulletstorm for instance. All that gunfire, bullets flying around and the environment shows no damage. Come across a chest of drawers that you have to kick out of the way that end up being indestructible.

DJMarty2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Point is it's a very scalable engine.

El_Colombiano2819d ago

It's good. For a portable device.

hamburger1232819d ago

WOW The NGP is huge look at the thing next that dudes head :O

PELVIC THRUST ACTION2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

OH god it's happening all over again! Does this mean that 90% of the games on the PSP2 are going to be unreal engine games?

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