Dead Space 2 film 'won't be rushed'

Ian Milham, art director and co-creator of Dead Space has told Newsbeat any film adaptation of the game won't be rushed.
He said there had been "lots of discussion" but it was vital not to make a cheap movie that disappoints fans.

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outwar60102820d ago

lol it sounds rushed when they havent done a part 1(the animated title was an anime movie not the same)

Blacktric2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Idiots at BBC couldn't ask the question right it seems. IMDB lists a Dead Space movie which will be released in 2013 according to it. The date is obviously a placeholder though.

Darkfiber2820d ago

What happened to "not wanting to milk the franchise"?

VenomProject2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

In the Dead Space (original) world premiere issue of GameInformer, EA mentioned that they've got at least a trilogy of games, books, action figures, and movies planned for the franchise.

Why not milk the cow if the cow supplies good milk? (ala God of War)

Darkfiber2820d ago

I'm not saying they shouldn't from a financial standpoint, I'm just saying that they stated many times, "don't worry, we wont overdo it with this franchise"

VenomProject2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I think they overdid it when they released Dead Space: Downfall, the animated movie that came out shortly after the game. Now we have Aftermath, the animated movie that released after Dead Space 2. :P

I enjoy the movies though, I've even got a 6" Isaac on my desk, complete with glowing mask and health bar. If you're going to milk something, this is the way to do it. XD

Kran2818d ago

It'll be Doom all over again :(