Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata says Sony portable is different

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said Friday rival Sony was taking a different tack from his company and so he remains upbeat about his 3-D portable game machine going on sale next month.

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KiLLUMiNATi_892823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

NGP >>>>> 3ds

LoaMcLoa2823d ago

But then again:

MGS 3 >>>>> MGS 4

WhittO2823d ago

wow the quality difference is huge there!

The difference between NGP and 3DS power = PS3 vs PS2

BattleAxe2823d ago

If I were a parent who knows that looking at 3D images too long could imact brain development of kids as stated by Nintendo, I wouldn't touch the 3DS with a ten foot pole.

xAlmostPro2823d ago

theres room for both devices :) and like this article says they are both different and offer different features to different gaming audiences.

The PSP was great and sold well, the DS was great and sold well.. and they both continued selling while both were released.

PSP2 = hardcore gamers portable device.(may even appeal further to web and or mobile users thanks to the 3g option and android)

3DS = casual gamers portable device.

Both will sell, both will have fans.. simple :)

Get what you want to get.

guitar_nerd_232823d ago

"He acknowledged he was being more careful about commenting on the NGP after he angered some people by brushing off Apple Inc.'s iPad as "a big iPod Touch" last year."

lol spot on nintendo thats exactly what an ipad is!

ChristianGamer2823d ago

Sony says 3d is not for portable. Nintendo says NGP is difference.
Which company sounds the most arrogant?

IRetrouk2823d ago

sony hasnt said that 3d isnt for portables, they havnt mentioned why they have not included 3d, either way for core games the psp2 will dominate, for more family and casual games the 3ds will dominate. there is room for both systems.

Samus HD2823d ago

sony said 3D is not for portable because they don't have it. or they couldn't do it
Now if you tell me they could than why not making it optional like the 3ds, giving you a chance for 2d and 3d


"sony said 3D is not for portable because they don't have it. or they couldn't do it"

WHAT!? They never said they couldn't do it, they said the technology isn't there yet. The 3DS uses Sharps early glasses-less 3D displays which by the way are garbage.

How you spun that little fairy tale up is mind blowing.

x5exotic2823d ago

what ur saying is that nintendo is better technology-wise even though 3ds just got anally raped by the PSP2 in every aspect

kneon2823d ago

Sure they can do it, a number of companies make the screens, and there are far better technologies available than what Nintendo is using. Nintendo didn't invent it, they just bought it like they usually do.

wwm0nkey2823d ago

Both are going after 2 different gamers. Both will be good but for me it comes down to price. I will eventually own both though!

hot1112823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

meh,3DS will sell like crazy,it will have tons of Nintendo franchises that will make people buy it in droves,NGP could be $1 and 3DS would still sell

Best thing we can hope that NGP creates some sustainable hardcore niche,so that we can get good games steadily.
This whole core,family thing is silly,DS has plenty of core games

MidnytRain2823d ago

Did you see that article a while back that reported of Amazon selling the PS3 for, like, 1/10 of its real price? People were jumping all over it! Sony just needs to remember that they need to keep their games affordable. It's probably the biggest reason why they started off slow this generation.

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