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Teh from reviews Two worlds 2 on the PlayStation 3.

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omicron0092823d ago

the graphics look awesome though

RaymondM2823d ago

thats to bad on the score, but yes the graphics on those screen shots looks amazing

Murgatroyd72823d ago

I don't see what's so bad about a 7.5/10. Usually, I think anything above a 6/10 is worth playing.

Mikeockizard2822d ago

Don't let the screen shots fool you, it doesn't usually look nearly that nice. Like the reviewer said, it is very hit or miss. Some things look well above average, but at the same time, some of the models are seriously PS2-ish, the framerate (on the PS3 version) seems to be around 15-20 most of the time, everything is horribly blurred, and the environments leave a lot to be desired.

Overall, after putting around 10-15 hours into the game so far, I would say it is around a 6. Not sure if I will finish it or not, as I am already becoming bored with it. Here are the highs and lows so far:

+Graphics look nice sometimes
+lots of enemy variety
+pretty good lighting
+crafting and spell systems are really good
+varied landscapes

-framerate is horrid
-graphics look terrible sometimes
-enemies get annoying and are TOO common. (i.e. I was on a mission early on to kill 3 ostrich and collect their innards. While trying to kill them I was surrounded by 3 cheetahs, 4 baboons, and a rhino. Seriously? Maybe because I was playing on hard, but I thought I could take a few ostrich. Definitely not while baboons are throwing f-ing rocks, cheetahs are stalking me, and a rhino is bearing down on my ass though!
-physics are odd. Arrows and thrown items such as rocks have no weight. Baboons will throw rocks at you, and you can watch them follow the same trajectory all the way into outer space. Archery is not enjoyable when you launch an arrow and watch it move in a perfectly straight line in slow motion for infinity.
-voice acting is BAD! The main character sounds like he is trying too hard to be Christian Bale style batman. Other characters are just as bad.
-VERY limited character creation. A couple of identical faces with slightly different skin tones and one hair style.
-glitches. I have phased through buildings, and my character always cuts the last word or two off his speech??? I got off my horse once and it just disappeared. Was no where to be found.
-animation is weak.
-speed of movement is off which makes combat difficult.
-blur is annoying for motion and LOD.

Overall the game isn't terrible, it just has so many issues, they are becoming too hard to overlook. I thought it would be a nice way to pass the time until Skyrim comes out, but all it does it make me miss Elder Scrolls games that much more...

Rah5er02823d ago

I could play it, I'm not an RPG fanatic although I like the RPG concept. Unfortunately Mass Effect is the first RPG I got into, and I know it's unfair to say this considering the plethora of RPG titles that precede Mass Effect, but if an RPG doesn't share the same qualities as ME, than I'm not interested.

maskedaprentice2823d ago

I really wanted to like the first game, so I tried the demo. I didnt get but 5 minutes into the demo before saying "This game is awful". I didn't encounter any bugs, but it just felt...wrong. At least they turned it around slightly.

Murgatroyd72823d ago

I completely agree that this is way better than the first one but doesn't live up to most of the recent RPG's. It certainly isn't bad, but it feels like it's at least 5 years old. But as long as you can have fun with it, I guess that's all that matters.

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