343 Industries working on possible “Halo HD Remake”

Gamersmint: A job listing posted by 343 industries has all but confirmed that the studio is working on the next Halo title right now.

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SnakeMustDie2822d ago

A Halo TPS will be nice. A remake of Combat Evolved but as a TPS rather than a FPS.

BattleAxe2821d ago

Well whatever they do, I hope they release the game on GFWL.

SnakeMustDie2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I highly doubt that they will release another halo on the pc. Some people will buy the PC version over the 360 and potentially reduce the number of Gold Subscribed Halo players on 360 because GFWL is free which Microsoft doesn't want.

Halo is 360's system seller. If MS gave people another option to play the game, it would sell less compared when the game is exclusive.

BattleAxe2821d ago

Well microsoft also has a half assed service on the PC, and no doubt they've been watching how much Steam has been growing the PC market. This is a critical time for MS in the PC market. They've got the infrastructure in place, all they need are the games, because having only 52 downloadable games on the GFWL On Demand service is a joke. I own a PS3, but theres no way I want or need more than one console in my home. I honestly don't need to buy Halo, but I would if they released it on GFWL. I would probably make a casual purchase just to try it out like many people. Microsoft is losing out more buy not selling the game on GFWL. People are not going to buy a 360 to play old Halo games, but if they have a decent PC and MS puts those games on their service, they'll make more money by allowing more people to buy it.

fantasygamer2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

*GASPS!* OMG.. im soo shocked.. another Halo game FOR REAL!? who would of thought they would release another one seriously? /s

seriously though who didn't know about this already?

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Fishy Fingers2822d ago

Aren't 343 devoted to developing Halo games and nothing else? I imagine they're already well into development by now.

Something that jumped out at me, Unreal, one of the creation tools they mention in the job description.

psb2822d ago

yeah, judging by the description, I think they are working on a remake since they stress on having a genuine knowledge of Halo

IronFistChinMi2821d ago

That doesn't mean it will be a remake though, they could mean they want someone who can put forward ideas that will advance the story.

CryWolf2821d ago

Why can't 343 industries just make Halo The Fall Of Reach cause i really want to know more about the mythology of halo how did Master chief be come the hero of this Awesome story in video game form.

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