The Games We Want Remade On PS3

What games would we like re-made in HD? Or just remade in general? Or are some games better off delegated to the blocky, pixelated corners of our memories? Take a look at the short-list here and just think of what could be with a little capitalistic drive to squeeze another buck out of loyal fans. We might want to believe that it’s the game that counts, but pretty visuals are nothing to scoff at, and we sure don’t.

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RaymondM2824d ago

agreed! I want to see a Silent Hill remake, especially if its Silent hill 2 (the best in the series IMO)

Pozzle2824d ago

Ohhh Dino Crisis. *nostalgia*

Azianphil882823d ago

I believe that Parasite Eve is coming to the PS3 as a HD collection no words on it yet.